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How Working with a Blogger Can Improve Your Online Business

The driving force behind developing a company website and getting your business online is to see a rise in sales and to increase revenue. In moving your business online, you can increase awareness about your business, improve your visibility, and become more accessible to a wider network of people. Often the world wide web can be hard to navigate and even though driving traffic to your new website is the main objective, it can be hard to know exactly the best way to do this.


The term ‘blog’ originally came from the word ‘weblog’, or ‘web log’. A blog can be viewed as an online diary or journal, with the posts appearing in reverse chronological order. Blogs are often personal and run by just one person — a ‘blogger’. A blog usually has a specific theme or focuses on a certain subject, often whatever interests the blogger. Bloggers can gain tremendous online notoriety and be followed by millions of people worldwide. By enlisting the services of a blogger, you can benefit from their online experience and talent, as well as their audience. Here are a few ways in which your business can benefit by working with a blogger:


Take advantage of a blogger’s existing online readership

Most bloggers have worked hard to gain a large and dedicated online following. A successful blogger will have carved out their niche with carefully crafted blog posts, so you know exactly what their blog is all about the minute you go to their main page. Choosing a blogger whose interests and target demographic align with yours, is a great way to take advantage of their existing brand and fan base to ensure your product is getting in front of the people who will most welcome it. Paying bloggers to positively review and comment on your product is considered an advertorial or sponsored content.


Purchase advertising space on a blogger’s website

Instead of paying a blogger to write and post about your business and product, you can pay for advertising space on their website. This way, you are still taking advantage of the target demographic traffic the blogger’s website attracts, and your company ad can be found in pride of place on the home page.


Pay a blogger to ghost write SEO-rich content for your website

Struggling with how to effectively write content for your own website? Take advantage of a blogger’s strong writing and communication skills by paying them to craft content for your company website. Bloggers are fantastic at using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase the visibility of a post in an online search engine’s results. SEO-rich content on your company website will rank your website higher in online searches and attract more visitors, who can then hopefully be turned into customers!


Here at SKYFALL BLUE, we boast a fantastically experienced team of content strategists and social media gurus who also like to blog in their spare time. If you’re looking to improve the online visibility of your website, don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out how we can use our wealth of online experience to drive traffic to your website, grow your customer base and increase your sales!

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