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Almost every time we suggest that one of our clients uses Instagram to reach a wider audience and grow their business, we’re met with the same types of answers: “What we do isn’t interesting enough for Instagram” or “nobody will follow us, we’re just an XYZ company”.  Instagram isn’t just for big brands or fashion labels who can populate their feeds with high-quality, visually engaging images though. Regardless of which industry

No budget for marketing? Or perhaps your once sizeable spending has been slashed? While it can be tough to not have any money at your business’ disposal for ad campaigns, being frugal with marketing doesn’t necessarily have to translate to being boring or having your efforts fade altogether. There are plenty of ways for your business to stay creative and engage its audience without having to spend a dollar.   Get active

As social media marketers, our job is to essentially live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – to name a few. And much like any other significant relationship in our lives, our bond with social comes with highs, lows and everything in between.  So instead of trying to explain it, we’ll let the tweets do the talking. Here are ten of them that hit the nail right on the head when

So you’ve created a social media strategy, spent time creating content and have put it into action. Your platforms look great, you’re getting likes and comments on your posts and you’ve noticed your follower count start to grow – but how can you recognize if your efforts are paying off and actually helping your business? To know for sure, you’ll have to look at the numbers, ie. social media analytics.

Meet our visionary founder, Fadi Ghaby! Trained as an engineer, born a leader and designed as an entrepreneur, Fadi has over twenty years of experience in executive management in both the retail and high-tech industries. An award-winning entrepreneur who has a passion for leadership and mentorship, Fadi is a brilliant business strategist who employs an integrated approach of comprehensive strategic planning, constant innovation, solid social media strategy and the highest