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Meet our visionary founder, Fadi Ghaby! Trained as an engineer, born a leader and designed as an entrepreneur, Fadi has over twenty years of experience in executive management in both the retail and high-tech industries. An award-winning entrepreneur who has a passion for leadership and mentorship, Fadi is a brilliant business strategist who employs an integrated approach of comprehensive strategic planning, constant innovation, solid social media strategy and the highest

Every new year, we ask our clients, and our team, to take a long and hard look back at their social media from the previous year and write down successes, gaps and failures. From campaigns that never made a mark to posts that didn’t keep up with the changing face of the brand, your social media marketing needs to be reviewed and reassessed annually. It can be all too easy

Do you manage or own a construction company?  Does everyone keep telling you that you need to be on social media?  Are you resistant to jumping aboard the social media train?  We get it. The last year we posted an article highlighting some construction companies that are doing amazing work with their social media platforms, and this week we want to share with you some easy steps to do the same. Having worked

Having a social media presence without a solid, research-based social media marketing strategy is the equivalent of trying to swim in a small puddle. Successful social media marketing requires a concise foundation as a reference point—or else you’ll end up floundering.    What is a social media marketing strategy? A social media marketing strategy is simply a written definition and explanation of how your organization will use social media platforms and tools to

IT IS NOT TOO LATE. WE REPEAT, IT IS NOT TOO LATE.    Maybe you got busy. Too many holiday parties. Too many cocktails. Too many lineups while holiday shopping. Maybe you got busy and you forgot to create, strategize and implement a holiday marketing campaign on your social media that would be legendary. But you know what? That’s okay. Lots of people forget, but the good news is this… today is