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Do you ever wonder how those Instagram influencers make their posts look so professional, or how that poetry account you follow can magically transform a few sentences into a visual masterpiece? Would you like to learn how that small business owner produces infographic after infographic with seemingly no prep time? If you feel like you are lagging behind in the social media department, check out these five free social media

Are you a real estate agent in Ottawa? If you want to learn all about what the best social media tools are for real estate agents and how to integrate them into your business, then this article is for you! Our team at Skyfall Blue has worked with some of the highest-ranking realtors and real estate agencies in Ottawa for over ten years. During that time, we have studied, learned,

As a part-time yoga teacher and part-time social media manager for all kinds of small businesses, I am deeply aware of the power that social media has in helping yoga teachers build their brand, promote their classes, connect with their students, and, ultimately, improve their bottom line. While the most common rhetoric in the yoga world is that people do not teach yoga in order to make money, even yogi’s

A good social media marketing strategy is much more than posting a photo or tweeting on a regular basis—great digital marketing requires research, strategy and posts that are targeted in the right places (to the right audience). When done well, social media can have a major impact on your business: A majority of marketers (92%) say social media marketing is important, and 80% say it increased traffic to their websites.   While