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Simply put, content marketing is creating and sharing online materials meant to increase interest in a brand or its products and services. When done strategically and regularly, these kinds of marketing campaigns can be highly successful in increasing sales and brand loyalty. Content marketing has quickly become a preferred and mainstream method of marketing due to its relatively low investment and high effectiveness. Content marketing gets three times more leads

This week, the Skyfall Blue team had the opportunity to attend a fantastic event called Perspectives from Female Founders & Funders. The event was hosted by L-SPARK, a startup incubator created to mentor and guide small tech startups and help them secure funding.   L-SPARK’s office in Ottawa’s Kanata North business hub was filled with over 200 investors, founders, mentors and consumers. The aim of the event was to initiate a

Social media has revolutionized the way of business development and marketing, yet sometimes brands forget what social media is truly about -- being social. To turn consumers into actual customers, your brand needs to stand out above and beyond the others. It’s true that social media marketing offers an easy way to create ads and become visible to thousands of people, but this doesn't mean these people will become your

This blog post was written by Skyfall Blue marketing intern, Tanvi Sharma.   I spent the first day of my internship at Rogers TV, my second day interviewing the Conductor of the NAC, and last Thursday night I celebrated International Women’s Day with my team at Startup Canada’s #StartupWomen Talks. At Skyfall Blue, no two days are the same.   International Women’s Day with Startup Canada Startup Canada, a national community of 150,000 dedicated to

Having an online store can be both exhilarating and challenging—exhilarating because of the potential to reach customers and make extra sales, challenging due to the hurdles you have to jump through to make those sales. Small businesses often wonder if they can compete with big-box stores and online retail giants like Amazon.   Luckily, as a small business owner you have the flexibility to try new things to boost your SEO and