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Meet our diverse and talented team, a blend of writers, designers, marketers, creators, and innovators. With a rich history spanning 10 years, Skyfall Blue boasts an award-winning team that has catered to international clients from various corners of the world.

Our team members hail from different backgrounds, ages, genders, and cultures, ensuring that every client feels genuinely represented and deeply connected. Whether working from remote corners of the globe or during unconventional hours, our commitment remains unwavering. From those with esteemed Master’s Degrees to published academics, renowned journalists, influential social media personalities, and emerging entrepreneurs, our multilingual team brings a wealth of expertise and perspectives to the table.


Fadi Ghaby


Robert McCoy

Communication Director

Stacey Rothbard

Account Manager

Roy El Khazen

Karen Abdelnour
Digital Marketing Manager

Karen Abdelnour

Lead Graphic Designer

Lucia Martin

Business Development Manager

Zaid Amarneh

Stephanie Matar
Account Manager

Stephanie Matar


Mitch Lenet

Digital marketing experts Skyfall Blue
Care Service Manager

Ailin Tan

Santa Hawa
Digital Marketing Manager

Santa Hawa

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