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5 Online Tools You Didn’t Know Businesses Are Paying For

When a business goes online, every effort is made to increase its online visibility and direct traffic to its website. This is often done through social media platforms, giving customers an insight into the company brand and driving interested parties to the website where they can do things such as purchase items or sign up to a mailing list. Though the dream would be for businesses to grow their online presence organically, sometimes they will use advertising and marketing tools to expedite the process. Here are five different online tools that you may not have realized businesses are paying for.


1) Bloggers


A good blogger boasts a great fan base of followers who check in to their blog daily to catch up on the latest fashion, beauty, or lifestyle trends. Businesses want to tap into this ready-made loyal fan base by getting bloggers to write about their product and bring it to the forefront of people’s attention. So how do they do this? Some bloggers will write a glowing review from the goodness of their heart if they receive a sample and genuinely love the item. But, realistically, they can’t be doing this for every company that is looking for some free advertising. Ultimately, bloggers appreciate compensation for a business taking advantage of their hard work and social media savvy! In this case, the business may extend an offer of a partnership (if they would like to continue working together moving forwards), or will simply pay the blogger for their services.


2) Social Media Management


Managing a multitude of social media accounts can be a full time job in itself! Most businesses now use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others to advertise and spread awareness about their company and brand. But keeping a consistent level of social media presence can be very time consuming, especially for smaller businesses who aren’t able to hire a specific communications/social media member of staff. A lot of businesses outsource this work to companies, such as SKYFALL BLUE, who have the social media experience to successfully promote their brand in the best way and on the correct platforms.


3) Professional Instagram Photography


You probably use Instagram to share photos of your friends, food, or even your pets, uploading photos taken directly from your phone. While it was originally designed as a mobile photo-sharing app, businesses now see the value in crafting a carefully curated Instagram account of beautifully taken professional photos to show consumers the luxe side of their brand. As Instagram is totally image-centric, a strong visual theme is key to a successful Instagram business account. Companies will pay professional photographers to take high-quality images that can be used on their Instagram account to perfectly convey the message and aesthetic of the brand.


4) Email Lists


Many businesses enlist the help of a third party company to purchase an email list based on their target demographic. This could include location, age, sex, whether the person has children or not — whatever target audience the business is looking to reach out to. Working with a list provider company is a quick way to gather a mailing list of people to start reaching out and promoting your business to. However, many of these people have not opted-in to this arrangement and so their response to the emails may not be positive. Instead, a better way to formulate an email list is to grow it organically. This could include offering a subscribe button on your website, so interested customers can sign up of their own volition.


5) Twitter Posts


Twitter offers businesses a few options to increase visibility on their site, including promoted tweets. By using a service such as promoted tweets, businesses can set up tweets to appeal to a specific demographic through Twitter’s own advertising platform. If a business is using Twitter Ads, they can also pay for sponsored tweets. Paying for sponsored tweets through Twitter allows a business to choose who is tweeting for them, and exactly what they are saying. Businesses will look for Twitter influencers who have a large following, usually with a demographic that aligns with the business, as these will best promote their brand to the widest audience.


If you need a little help promoting and improving your business’ online presence, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at SKYFALL BLUE! Our team has a wealth of experience in online marketing and social media management and we want to help your business be as successful online as it can be. Contact us today with a list of your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help. We look forward to chatting with you!

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