7 Tips to Improve Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) Online Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are undeniably two of the biggest days for e-commerce sales in the U.S. In 2016, consumers spent $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday (just $110 million above Black Friday’s online sales), and many are predicting that figure to be even higher for this holiday season.


More retailers are wising up to the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and marketing. But, with everyone jockeying for a piece of the post-Thanksgiving e-commerce pie, how do you ensure your products are seen?


1) Create a plan

What deals or discounts are you going to offer? What specific products are you going to feature as part of your holiday campaign? Make a strategic sales plan based on variables like profit margins, popularity of products and potential exposure for new products.


2) Prepare your product

Make sure your product is market-ready. Check your inventory, upgrade your website and revise product pages with even better marketing copy.


3) Test your system 

You don’t want to lose potential customers due to a technical glitch or confusing checkout process. Do a test run to make sure your online store is running smoothly and improve loading time (an easy way to do this is to remove unnecessary visuals or auto-play videos).


4) Promote keywords

Use Google Keyword to see what your customers are searching for. Then, invest in paid search advertising for those keywords or improve your website SEO so search engines can index those changes and lead customers to your website.


5) Communicate with customers

A deal is no good if customers aren’t made aware of it. Tap your email marketing lists, plan social media posts, and clearly list discounts on the front page of your website.


6) Provide helpful content

Now is the time to leverage all the helpful content you’ve stocked up on. Share how-to videos, product reviews, testimonials and gift guides geared toward your target audience.


7) Analyze your sales

Look at last year’s analytics to see what worked to plan for this year. Then, use data analytics from this year to plan ahead for next year. What types of visitors are you getting? What promotional pushes worked?


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