Thanksgiving marketing ideas

5 Effective Online Marketing Ideas to Use This Thanksgiving

The end-of-year holidays present a great opportunity to have fun and get creative with promotion of your product or service. Things may be getting busier at home as you prepare for Thanksgiving festivities, but it’s no time to neglect your marketing—especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner.


Use these five ideas to leverage the Thanksgiving holiday for more sales and overall visibility:


1) Offer a Thanksgiving discount

“Thank” your customers by offering a discount on products or services to reward them for their business. This would be a good time reward your most loyal repeat customers by offering them a special deal based on their previous purchases.


2) Get involved with the community

Offer a portion of your profits to charity, sponsor a local sporting event or have staff contribute their time to a cause in your community (like a soup kitchen). This celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday spirit of giving and goodwill.


3) Feature your customers

Use this month to celebrate your clients and how your product or service accomplishes their goals. This more emotional appeal may be more effective for potential customers during a holiday time focused on family (and makes your existing clients feel special).


4) Get creative with your marketing copy

Find cute ways to incorporate the Thanksgiving holiday into your images and content. For example: “FEAST your eyes on our new product,” or “GOBBLE up these savings now.” Creative (and timely) content can encourage more click-throughs and increase conversion rates.


5) Send a nice note

Sometimes customers and clients simply get burned out on promotional emails. Give them a little love by sending a Thanksgiving-themed thank you letter or email. Your clients will feel appreciated, and it may increase open rates by fostering trust.


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