Top 10 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Top 10 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Christmas music is playing, snow is falling and consumers are opening their pocketbooks just a little bit wider this month. However, small and local businesses have to compete with big box and online retailers (along with competitors) to sell seasonal wares.


As a small business, you have several marketing tools at your disposal to draw attention to your products and services during this crucial sales month. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Show your softer side

It’s the season of giving, right? Plan to partner with a charity and encourage your customers to do the same (i.e., a toy drive or Christmas tree deliveries). This increases your exposure in the community, shines a positive light on your business and helps those less fortunate.


Keep your social media festive

Things may be getting busy at work and home, but now is not the time to neglect your social media posts. Keep things lighthearted and seasonal with Christmas-themed images and posts.


Host an open house

December is a great month to host an open house or party for your best clients and customers. Consider extending store hours for a special after-hours shopping event or offering tours of your space.


Spread some holiday cheer

Encourage workers and customers to dress up in holiday gear during this month. Offer a discount for customers wearing “ugly” sweaters or have an ugly sweater contest among coworkers.


Send a holiday note

Thank your best clients by sending a special holiday card or note. This shows your appreciation for their business over the previous year and helps keep you top of mind for their business in future years.


Start a Christmas countdown

Do a play on the “12 Days of Christmas” by counting down 12 of your favorite products or tips. Or, feature 12 of your clients or 12 reasons you love your business.


Set up a winter photoshoot

One way to draw customers into your business is to stage a Christmas or winter-themed photoshoot. Hire Santa to come into the store, or have one of Santa’s reindeer visit!


Sponsor a local event

Sponsor a float in a holiday parade, or offer sponsored hot chocolate or sleigh rides. This will show your commitment to your local business community and increase name recognition among potential clients.


Exhibit at local holiday fairs

Craft and holiday fairs and bazaars are a great way to market your products or services. Show off your best and most unique wares as stocking stuffers!


Set up a holiday craft

Offer a winter-themed craft—such as make-your-own stockings or ornaments—for kids and adults to draw additional customers in. This can keep kids busy and free parents to shop.


What are your favorite holiday marketing ideas? Share them with Skyfall Blue today!


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