Instagram TV is the new YouTube

What is Instagram TV?

On June 20th the co-founder and CEO of Instagram Kevin Styrom announced the platform’s most exciting feature to date, Instagram TV (IGTV). Instagram’s newest feature allows its users to create a video channel within their Instagram page, and quickly share long-form, vertical videos with their followers. These videos can be accessed on the user’s profile next to the “Highlights” section, or on the IGTV app on mobile app stores.


What are the advantages? Why not stick to YouTube?

Instagram is a growing community of 1 billion people around the world. It is entertaining, easily accessible on mobile phones, and has the ability to reach millions of people in minutes. Using IGTV is different than other video platforms because it is specifically designed for mobile phones, as it is designed and viewed vertically. The accessibility of the platform will make it easy for potential customers to engage with your content in seconds. As soon as someone visits your profile, one of the first things they will see is your Instagram TV video and have the ability to like it, comment on it, and send it directly to their friends from their account.


As video content on social media grows in popularity, it won’t be long until IGTV becomes essential for anyone who wishes to have a strong online presence. The advantage of getting started right now is that there are no advertisements on the feature, and visitors are more likely to visit IGTV as they know they don’t have to engage with advertisements as they would on YouTube. Rather than posting dozens of Instagram stories, you will be able to unify your content in a video and share it with your Instagram followers, all in the same place.


What content should I use?

No matter what your business is, IGTV can make it extremely easy for you to highlight your products and services. If you own a clothing store, you can invite your followers to a virtual fashion show. If you own a construction company, you can bring them along on a tour on your most recently completed project. You can even have an IGTV video takeover with an influencer in your area to promote your page. The list goes on and on, but the main advantage is that you can be extremely creative with the platform and keep your followers entertained.


How do I get started?

To watch an IGTV video, simply keep an eye out on your Instagram for people you follow that use the feature. If you want to explore other video channels and upload your own videos, you will have to download the IGTV app on your mobile app store.


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