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5 Ways to Improve your Website Design to Increase Holiday Sales

Is your website design optimized and ready for holiday marketing campaigns? Canadian consumers are expected to spend an average of $1,563 this holiday season, up 3.7% from 2017. Over one-third of those consumers will be shopping online using their computer, smartphone, tablet or smart home technology (and that rings even more true for Millennials).

The quality of your website design is crucial to increasing sales conversions during the holidays (and year-round). Here are a few ways in which improving your website design will lead to greater sales this holiday season:


Make your navigation simple to follow

Optimized navigation is one of the most important aspects of your website: It can significantly improve the user experience and lead to greater sales conversion. On the other hand, poorly designed navigation can lead to website visitors not being able to find the items they’re looking for, higher bounce rates and overall frustration (causing consumers to avoid your website entirely in the future).



Clearly articulate your benefits

Potential consumers want to know up-front why they should do business with you versus a competitor (i.e., Do you offer special sales? Free shipping? One-of-a-kind products? Great ratings?). Displaying these special benefits of business prominently on your homepage header is a great way to keep your website visitors interested and boost holiday sales.



Make your products easy to find

Related to navigation, including a prominent and robust search bar in your website header is a simple—but crucial—component to help your website visitors find the products or information they’re searching for to complete a sale. With the rise of Google and other online search functions, consumers are used to finding information easily and immediately.



Include online reviews

Product ratings can make or break a sale, considering a jaw-dropping 40% of consumers say they wouldn’t purchase a product (particularly technology products) without first reading online reviews. Having any reviews—even negative reviews—is crucial to bolstering trust and sales among your potential clients.



Simplify your checkout process

Studies show that optimizing your online checkout process can increase your conversion rate by an average of 20%. You can easily boost sales with simple fixes such as shortening and simplifying your checkout process, pushing shipping costs and estimates to be included in your up-front price, and installing automated abandoned cart messages.


If you need help creating or optimizing your website for the holiday season, contact Skyfall Blue today!


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