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Content Marketing Ideas

The Best Content Marketing Ideas: How to Improve Your Sales

Every copywriter at the Skyfall Blue team has over a decade of experience, a Masters Degree in a related field and a long list of publications. This kind of experience has helped our team of copywriters develop a powerful copywriting process that guarantees results. Our content marketing team will help your business succeed.


Copywriting Process

There are 3 important steps in the Skyfall Blue copywriting process.


There are multiple strategy options available, depending on what your product does.

There are various sub-strategies such as:

  • PPC
  • Distribution
  • Offline
  • Market Research
  • Campaigns & Planning
  • Campaign Budgeting
  • Merchandising
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Mapping
  • Standards & Targeting
  • Client Involvement
  • Metrics & Analysis
  • Researching (Competitive) Intelligence
  • Metrics Analysis
  • Blogging & Content Marketing

Getting Started. The first step in the copywriting process is to draft your product-specific copy, giving it a generic name like Mr. Clean™.  Following this step, make sure your copy has only your brand name or a symbol or logo which alludes to your business. Don’t use your real name for the copy.


Finding your audience

The process begins with understanding what your customers care about.  You need to know where your customers are; if you’ve been hired to help a business increase sales, then a good way to know where to start is by looking at what your business sells. If you sell bags of chips to kids, chances are you’ll sell a lot of bags of chips. But if you sell swanky jackets to a company, then you’ll sell those jackets. And then you’ll sell more jackets.  Copywriters all have unique skills and talents, so depending on your industry, you may need to try out different approaches to different audiences.  It’s usually best to try to find your audience with a focus group or focus group research – the key thing is to find a person who has a special insight into your customer base.


Content Marketing Ideas

Our Content Marketing Ideas E-book includes copywriting ideas that have been very successful in improving brand awareness and sales. Some of these ideas are highly topical, while others are more suited to more traditional marketing methods.

Here are one of our copywriting ideas:  If you want to sell products, it’s your job to make the sale. By making people feel empathy for your products, you will have more of an emotional connection with your customers. Emotional connections usually lead to customers buying more of your product.  This post will help you to create content that is focused on making people feel something. Many times we will write content that will let people experience a phenomenon, get inspired by a particular situation, or know how to best go about something.


How to Write a Sales Letter for Your Product

We spoke with the Skyfall Blue team to learn how they use sales copywriting techniques to improve sales. You’ll find the methods and templates we discussed at the end of this post.  Learn how to write great copy for your next sales letter, infographic or digital ad.  How to Write Better Content for Your Company. In this article, we describe the building blocks for any effective content marketing strategy.  How to Create Great Digital Advertising for Your Business.  While these days, digital advertising can be a very profitable endeavor, it’s not always the right way to promote your business.  Learn how to make your ads better and generate more leads with this post.


Email Marketing and Its Importance for Businesses

If you’re looking for the best email marketing strategies, then we suggest you check out the following companies.  Amazing Email Marketing Tools to Grow Your Email List.  So how do you get the best content marketing ideas for your website? Here’s the key:  For starters, you need to master the content marketing process.  At Skyfall Blue, we’ve got an extremely powerful process to help you.  First, our in-house experts spend countless hours researching the various topics you may need to master. We then divide these into actionable and relevant pieces of content.  Once we complete this phase, we get you on the right track.  Then, we’ll help you edit the content you create to make it in-line with your branding, positioning and customer experience.


Tips For Using Online Advertising Effectively

At Skyfall Blue, we have come to realize the power of online ads over the years. As this article explains, there are many business ways in which businesses can use the power of online advertising. These tricks should help you become an effective adman.  Most Popular Business Blogs That You Should Follow.  Business owners who need some inspiration to become a better businessperson can follow the top five business blogs.  Why to Be Pessimistic?  Whether you want to be a pessimist or a optimist, at Skyfall Blue we believe that it is worth spending some time pondering about what the world holds in store. This article will give you the tools to embrace pessimism to achieve greater success in your life.


In summation, content marketing strategies can easily be applied to almost any business scenario. In fact, for high-impact content marketing ideas you can use just about any industry sector that you know about.

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