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Content Marketing Strategies

The Best Content Marketing Strategies: Lessons from the Pros

Powerful copywriting has proven results. From improved sales, to higher ranking on google search engines, to creating an unforgettable brand story, the words you choose have the capacity to transform your business. Content marketing solutions and services from Skyfall Blue.


What is content marketing?

To understand content marketing, it’s important to first understand what it isn’t.  Content marketing is not an attempt to create an expensive magazine or book, or to produce a website. It’s an effort to produce a quality, informative, and entertaining piece of content on your website or blog on a consistent basis. I often call content marketing, “a series of smaller blog posts, viral YouTube videos, Facebook posts, and Twitter updates that tell your company story in an engaging and compelling way.”  There are many effective ways to create content, and there are many companies and brands that are able to generate effective content.

Why should you invest in content marketing?

Here at Skyfall Blue we have years of experience marketing your content and telling your brand story. Investing in this service will have a direct increase on website visitors, calls and e-commerce sales.

Content Marketing Strategies

How do you produce great content and rank in Google in such a competitive marketplace?

Firstly, Research, Plan, And Analyze.

One of the best ways to create effective content is by researching your competition, by utilizing Google Analytics, and by monitoring keyword usage.  Planning is key, creating content strategies in this step will help you to map out what works for your business, and what is not right for you.

Secondly, it’s also imperative to take your audience analysis and priorities into account. For example, if you’re aiming to rank in Google for an obscure keyword you need to make sure that your content strategy is engaging to both new and existing customers.

The Importance of Blog Posts

When asked about content marketing strategies, 88% of top marketers polled stated that in order to successfully reach their audience, they would need to create content. Create and share valuable content for your audience in an easy-to-read manner that captures their attention. With the right structure in place, you can increase brand awareness, drive sales, and stand out from the competition.

How to Create Effective Content?  It can be difficult to stay on top of what’s relevant, where to find interesting information, and what to include in a piece of content.  If you’re looking for a detailed list of the top content marketing strategies, contact us today and let us show you.

How to create a blog post outline

In this post, we’re going to explore effective content marketing strategies and the writing that goes into each of them.  Use a narrative approach  We’ll start with the “narrative approach” – best used to create content that helps someone read your content without even realizing they are doing so.

Tips: Before you start writing, sketch out a narrative that includes these points:  Who the reader is. What they are looking to accomplish  What he/she is already familiar with. When he/she encounters the “cues” that reveal a point, you need to communicate. What makes the “plot” compelling  Here’s an example, adapted from Chime’s blog:  Meet my son, Luke. Luke loves Lego. Luke also loves cheeseburgers.

In conclusion, creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy helps you to differentiate your products and services from the rest.  Conduct a competitive analysis of your rivals and look for key areas to improve your business.

Then create an article template, decide on the subject and a relevant keyword, craft your killer headline, and execute your article layout perfectly. You will be amazed at how much time and effort it takes to achieve a conversion rate of more than 20%.  Now that you’ve created a complete content marketing strategy, we can move on to actually creating compelling content.  I highly recommend talking with Ashley or Stacey to gain an edge in your content creation.

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