6 Tactics to Inspire Passionate Brand Fans

6 Tactics to Inspire Passionate Brand Fans

We’re living in the age of the consumer and an era of competitor “disruption.” Customers are more empowered than ever before, but are also bombarded with messages—relevant and irrelevant—from competitor brands.

Considering both of these factors, how do you get your own brand to stand out to your audience? How do you get consumers to trust your brand? Furthermore, how do you convert customers into loyal fans?

Provide value

Keep in mind that customers are constantly asking, “What’s in this for me?” Consistently provide content and messages that are relevant for your audience and that provide value based on your consumers’ needs (or risk them tuning you out).

Listen rather than talk

Often we become focused on pushing out messages, and then forget to stop and listen to the consumer. Create avenues to listen to customer feedback about what they care about rather than frequently sending promotional messages.

Have a personality

Customers tend to trust brands that are authentic and transparent. Therefore, content and messaging should be more conversational and “human.”

Focus on quality

Instead of sending more messages, consider less messages with higher quality content. Your audience will feel less burdened by content and will be more apt to listen when your messages are relevant.

Understand your audience

Read what your audience reads, visit their favorite spots and learn what they like to do. Once you take the time to know your customer (and experience your products and sales journey as your customers would), you’ll know how to refine your messaging.

Capture attention quickly

Research shows that users will only read about 20% of text on an average web page. Therefore, you’ll want to not only capture attention, but capture it in less words and less time. Streamline your content as much as possible.


If you take the time to provide quality, authentic messaging, you’ll notice that consumers will respond positively. Need help reaching your audience? Contact SKYFALL BLUE today.

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