Skyfall Blue Digital Marketing Increase Your ROI from LinkedIn Ads

Increase Your ROI from LinkedIn Ads

How To Increase Your ROI from LinkedIn Ads: The Ultimate Guide

We specialize in helping small business owners increase their revenue and company presence through integrated marketing and strong business branding. LinkedIn Ads is one of the tools we use.

Why LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the planet, with over 450 million users worldwide. LinkedIn generates more than $4 billion in advertising revenue per year, primarily from its premium and enterprise marketing solutions. While advertising on LinkedIn still only represents a fraction of the LinkedIn business, it has a huge reach and offers marketers real advantages over other advertising options.

To answer the question, how do you make LinkedIn ads work for your company? We are here to help. This comprehensive guide walks you through the things you need to consider when creating your ads, how to target your audience, and how to promote your ads with LinkedIn itself.

Setting up your LinkedIn Ads

Getting started Creating ad groups. Adding people to your ad group. Listing each person. Setting a performance multiplier. Picking your performance levels. Hiring a marketer. Managing ads. How to increase your ROI from LinkedIn Ads. Skyfall Blue in Ottawa is the team to help you.

Keyword Research

Effective keywords and how to put your own spin on them to make it interesting for your audience. Linking / linking strategy. How to integrate and implement external linking strategy in your content marketing efforts to gain more organic traffic. Intro to SEMRush.  We often use a tool called SEMrush, and what they can do for your business. When To Create Niche vs. Targeted Ads. How do you know if your niche/targeted ads are working, and how long should they take to show up?

Search Words. The list of search words can make or break an online business. Social media expert Ashley goes over the importance of using social media marketing for your business, and how to implement it. When you can start implementing your social media efforts.

Audience Targeting

Audiences are the most critical part of LinkedIn advertising. The most popular audience is small business owners, but for those not focused on marketing their business, LinkedIn provides a number of free audience targeting options. The most popular free option is Direct Response Audience.

Here, you can target your audience by category or industry, region and work experience. You can also target by brand name, job title, job description, occupation and by level of expertise. Want to target the “bottom of the funnel?” Then set your audience to Automated List Builder.

Note: These audiences are limited in size to ensure that your audience is as small as possible. The process of targeting audiences in LinkedIn is seamless, and is easily integrated within the AdWords platform.

Campaign Structure

Our campaigns are built on a vertical approach, which is great for B2C. You may be an entrepreneur that operates a company with a few employees and you may be a multibillion dollar conglomerate and you’d be able to achieve similar results. We will also have more custom verticals in the future. How many times have you successfully utilized a new marketing channel and are now wondering if you should expand into another? LinkedIn Ads is a great way to continue to grow your brand in multiple industries without having to hire additional staff to take on the extra workload. The Guide And what makes our service truly unique is that we are not a traditional agency. We are a network.

Understanding the ‘3 P’s’ Price, Place and Promotion

We’ve spent countless hours studying and implementing a variety of marketing strategies for small business owners over the years, and as an expert in social media marketing, the most important thing we’ve learned is that there’s more to market than just creating content, publishing it on social media or even driving traffic to your website. In order to drive the right type of business-oriented traffic, the key to effective marketing is to understand a business’ specific demographics, target its target audience through targeted advertising, and then track its ROI in order to boost and improve engagement.

We constantly evaluate the performance and review the price, place and promotion aspect of your campaigns.

Optimizing your campaigns

At Skyfall Blue, we recognize that every small business has unique goals. That’s why we tailors our campaigns and marketing plans to help you reach your goals, and for the last many years we have ranked #1 in small business marketing and advertising services. We strive to be the best at helping you optimize your LinkedIn advertising so that you can increase your revenue. For our most recent round of growth, we introduced new multi-functional features into our platform that allowed us to create custom LinkedIn landing pages, find the right people, and send those people specific offers and messages based on who they’re connected to in LinkedIn.

Increasing conversions with better ads

LinkedIn ads have evolved over the past few years to be more robust and effective than ever. The use of video as well as text are also a great way to engage readers in any content. LinkedIn ads allow you to reach your target audience, targeting specific groups and interests with a mix of ads, demos and call to actions. With the right mix, you’ll increase conversion rates and ultimately increase your ROI from LinkedIn ads.

Note: For small businesses with low budgets, we can still assist you pinpoint your audience. With the right mix, you’ll increase conversion rates and ultimately increase your ROI from LinkedIn ads. When to use LinkedIn ads? LinkedIn is a great tool to use when your audience is already online.

Managing spend to save money

One of the biggest problems with the traditional advertising model is the fact that businesses have to spend a lot of money in order to even get noticed. Business owners would think that the more they advertise, the more they will see sales and the faster they will grow their business, but this is not always the case.

For example, if you are a restaurant and you want to promote your business, you will need to spend a lot of money on television commercials, print ads, billboards and other campaigns.

However, it is important to know that advertising a restaurant does not necessarily guarantee sales. What do I mean by this? You have probably heard of the psychology of advertising.

Call us today for all your paid advertising needs at 613-912-7780 or fill out the form here. We specialize in increasing your ROI with LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

In conclusion, we are here to help with all your LinkedIn advertising needs in Ottawa and the surrounding area. We have clients in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary. We also have many small businesses using our LinkedIn services in Guelph, Hamilton, Barrie, Perth, Brockville and more.

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