Simple Strategies to Increase Your ROI from Google Ads

Increase Your ROI from Google Ads

Simple Strategies to Increase Your ROI from Google Ads

SKYFALL BLUE goes beyond the basics, combining basic marketing services with advanced SEO and innovative marketing research. In addition, we continue to develop new ways to help small businesses maximize their sales potential. We know the business and marketing landscape changes constantly.

Strategy 1: Set a goal

Why do you want to reach more customers? Google Ads makes it easy for you to plan your marketing strategy. Make a call to action like these:

“Get More Leads”

“Grow your Business”

Create action statements such as “Have your customers say, ‘Wow!’ ” This statement is essential to driving up conversion rates and decreasing error rates. This is one of the most powerful features of Google Ads, providing up to 20 percent lower costs and higher conversion rates.

Enroll your staff into one of our quarterly professional development courses. The information is easy to digest than anything you can find online, and it’s free!

Leverage Google AdWords – using these simple rules, you can vastly improve your earnings and grow your business.

Strategy 2: Focus on what you do well

Build a reputation for quality service. Build up your reputation with customers for honesty and respect. Customers who have a good experience are usually brand advocates, telling their friends and family about the great service they have received.

Creating a reputation for customer service is essential to the success of your business.

Avoid competitor behavior by responding to customers in a timely manner and sending follow-up requests. Be sure to accept all calls, make appointments, and send follow-up emails and texts promptly.

Build a reputation for quality service and excellent customer service.

Focus on your strengths and your best customers. People do business with someone they trust. Helping people improve their lives has benefits to you and the client.

Strategy 3: Offer something unique

How do you stand out from the crowd and stand out from competitors in your industry? Share your knowledge and expertise. Create a blog, become a thought leader or podcast host, hold webinars and launch product sales.

Write unique copy that converts

Write valuable, engaging copy that converts (something the business customer will go to the trouble of searching for and clicking on). Use the Keyword tool and tailor the ad to match the target audience. Add headlines and other copy that will impress and convince the customer to click, call or buy your product.

The key is to do the research and create unique copy that resonates with the customer. They will take the time to read your copy and call you back!

Think of it as an auction.

Strategy 4: Be selective about who you work with

As a small business, you want the most value you can get for the money you spend on marketing. It’s not always about the money. I know that plenty of startups who have been profitable enough to have burned through their marketing budgets that refuse to change their marketing approach. Why? They’re reluctant to spend money on content, social media and content marketing when they feel it’s too risky.

It’s just not that risky.

Our clients (typically those with 10 or fewer employees) see huge returns on their investment. We look at several metrics, like traffic, conversion, and retention. We work with those businesses that we feel will benefit from our time and expertise.

And then we spend hours researching and planning strategies for a single client or account.

Strategy 5: Optimize your website for mobile devices and tablets

Today, approximately three-quarters of people who visit a business’s website do so on mobile devices, with most of them visiting via a mobile browser. The right website design for mobile devices is critically important for any business that sells on line.

Figure out what size you are, then decide what kind of site will best attract customers on your site. Look for a site that can maximize your pages’ width on a mobile phone. The Right Age. Chances are your best customers are likely to use the site at the exact time you expect them to. You’ll need to try lots of different things, and test for changes in your site, to figure out what works best for your business. All Ages.

Strategy 6: Measure and Monitor Your ROI

Having an established budget and relying on manual reporting to track your return on investment is not an effective long-term strategy. With the SKYFALL BLUE platform, you can connect to other Google and Bing ads, analyze and improve your campaign, generate reports and statistics, and analyze data in Google Analytics.

With SKYFALL BLUE, you’ll have immediate access to data collected from all your ad campaigns in one place.

We look forward to working with you and helping increase your ROI for all your digital marketing expenses.

Call us today for all your paid advertising needs at 613-912-7780 or fill out the form here. We specialize in increasing your ROI with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.


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