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Ottawa Marketing: Skyfall Blue has years of market research experience, allowing us to help your business determine the best marketing approach for your unique needs. We are the advertising agency Ottawa businesses rely upon to know the market, the competition, the trends and the challenges of the industries that matter.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important

Social media marketing is the most important tool businesses have at their disposal to reach their target audience. The world’s best brands now run successful social media campaigns, and it’s easy to see why.

Firstly, social media gives you instant feedback, great tools for retargeting your customers and finding new customers. It gives the chance to connect with potential customers to find new ways to get their business. The kinds of businesses that can benefit the most from social media marketing are those that have exhausted traditional media such as radio and television. For more information or to schedule a demo with Skyfall Blue, click here.

The Ottawa Marketing Strategy

Secondly, like many of our industry peers, we are extremely excited about the fast-paced future of marketing. And we know that you, too, are. From the latest in micro-targeting and targeting to building solid relationships with influencers and social media, to turning digital content into daily engagement and conversions, we can help your business with the only marketing approach that will work for you and your customers. Online marketing should never be thought of as simply advertising. While we might advertise on social media to promote a brand, the sole purpose of our communication with you and your customers is to generate referrals and leads for you.

What You Need to Know About Time Spent on Social Media

Social media channels are not free time. They cost time, they require planning, and if you lack discipline, then they will eat your soul. By understanding your market and your customers, you can use social media marketing to build relationships with them so that when you need them, they are there for you. This is a proven path to successful and profitable social media marketing. Social Media Marketing. What is social media marketing and how does it work? Social media is everywhere. It has become a part of our lives; in the way we communicate and buy goods. Social media marketing is how businesses reach their audience and create relationships with them. Why You Need to Social Media Marketing?

How to Build a Strong Social Media Campaign

Based on our extensive market research, we are confident that we can help you to establish a great social media presence that will attract new clients and provide quality content for your followers. The best of these strategies include: Posts focused on your unique content. Engagement with your followers. Positive and negative comments. Topics that your clients or customers will appreciate. Tips on How to Scale Your Social Media Presence. Social media can be a little overwhelming for some businesses. It takes a lot of work to establish a loyal following on social media platforms, which is why you should start small. Here are our top social media tips to get you started.

Example of a Successful Social Media Campaign for Your Business

Our passion is helping your business grow, increase your profits, and develop new products or services to cater to your current customers or attract new customers. How This Social Media Strategy is Helping Your Business Grow You can also look at our client success stories to learn from examples of other businesses that have successfully used social media to achieve a breakthrough and increase sales. Convert more leads and make more money using social media marketing! Create Your Own Social Media Campaign and Inspire Your Friends and Family to Join in!

Blogging and Facebook Marketing

With the way people are using social media, it’s more important than ever to get your business onto the radar. In fact, Canadians spend as much as 9 hours a day on social media, on average. Twitter Just like the olden days, one of the best ways to get noticed on Twitter is with a personal Twitter account. People can find you using keywords that are unique to your website, then learn about your business. Or, you can target “must follow” people and promote your account with them. Hashtags When someone visits your website, he or she will be more likely to purchase if you include hashtags related to your products or services in your content. The greater the number of hashtags, the higher your chance of success.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels with more than half of all internet users in North America participating. Social media platforms have seen a boom in users in recent years. Many of them are migrating to mobile platforms (i.e., smartphones and tablets), including all social media platforms. Social media marketing is extremely powerful when done correctly.

Google+ Marketing

We live and breathe Google+, using it to do everything from driving traffic and creating interesting ad campaigns to establishing great branding and enhancing your business profile. We have compiled the best of the best digital marketing videos you’ve probably never seen.

Linkedin Marketing and Promoting your Profile

Promoting your profile on LinkedIn takes a lot of practice, creativity, and above all, diligence. Linkedin provides a lot of useful advice on how to market yourself on Linkedin, and what to expect when you get started.
Using Google AdWords with your Ottawa Business Google AdWords is the world’s largest programmatic marketing program, and one of the best, as it offers the very best click-through rates in the industry. While it is a little intimidating, and an absolutely crucial part of the online marketing arsenal, it is simple enough for a novice. The excellent tools and the right system will be your best friends for getting started with Google AdWords.

Instagram and Snapchat marketing

We understand that social media is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool for businesses. If your business is not on social media, it may already be too late. The types of social media that matter most to businesses today are not those that give you a mass audience. Rather, the ones that are effective are ones that are targeted and fun. As social media grows in popularity, so does competition. Most businesses are struggling to gain a level of prominence that will give them an advantage, so the first step is to grow an audience and engage with your target audience.

In summation, build your audience Our marketing team has experience building a large network of targeted customers, and we are more than happy to help you do the same.

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