Guide to Ottawa Social Media Marketing

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media

What is Social Media, How Does it Work, and Why Does it Matter?

We have worked with over 500 local Ottawa-based businesses in industries including retail, high tech, hospitality, beauty, fashion, wellness, automotive, medical, construction and more.

What is Social Media

Firstly, Social Media is the art and science of using the Internet and web-based applications. Applications such as:

  • email
  • chat
  • forums
  • web maps
  • bulletin boards
  • and mobile applications

to build, communicate, share, learn and exchange ideas with other users, ultimately converting online relationships into real-world, human, “face-to-face” relationships. Social Media also refers to the ways in which we use these technologies to interact with and build relationships with other people.

Furthermore, the entire objective of Social Media is to facilitate interpersonal relationships via digital communication. What is Facebook? Facebook is a popular social networking site with more than 2.89 billion users worldwide.

How Social Media Works

Thirdly, social media is a way for people to connect with and communicate with people who matter to them. Whether they are brand advocates, fans, fans of brands, or customers or prospects who have expressed interest in a company or an event. It is a medium where people can express, exchange ideas, build relationships, and find things they are interested in, and it is open to everyone. It works in different ways. Each platform has its own nuances, but each social media platform is different in that it has different demographics; it has a different focus, its own rules and norms, and a different power structure, where a certain number of people may influence or change the story.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

A COUPLE of years ago, it was important to have your storefront, your website and the truck of the company. On the back of the truck would be fliers (stickers, cards, brochures) and on your storefront, you would have a sign that said, ‘Please leave a message and we will call you.’ Social media took over and social media has been ever growing and ever developing. With a website and a logo, the next thing you know you were branding your business, your logo and your products. You’ve got your own identity, your own logo and your own brand. That’s good, it really is. You’re showing your consumers that you are the kind of company they want to buy from, you are the kind of place they want to go to. Now comes the question, you get a customer, what next? You have a customer. Now what?

How to Use Social Media for Your Business

Business owners, let us help you to learn what it means to “use” social media. Learn how social media can help you generate new leads, attract new customers, improve customer experiences and boost your bottom line. Contact Skyfall Blue and you will learn all about these things, as well as how to:

  • Access the latest research and marketing tools
  • Make the best use of analytics
  • Use Facebook and Instagram to your advantage
  • Utilize Twitter to boost your business
  • Create amazing visual content that is visually appealing
  • Understand the importance of social reviews
  • Learn how to make your business a trend and a conversation starter Empower your business to grow to new heights!
The Future of Social Media

While it seems that social media will forever be here, we know change is on the horizon. Today the majority of businesses are utilizing a mix of a handful of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and others. Of these platforms, we believe that Facebook will remain the dominate platform for business in the coming year, while newer platforms, including Instagram, will continue to gain traction. What does this mean for marketers? How can they prepare to adapt their social media strategy to better serve their audience? Here at Skyfall Blue will examine the state of social media, the current tools and strategies that marketers have available and discuss some of the changes that are expected in the next year.

In conclusion, every business is unique and there is no “right” approach to social media. What really matters is your approach and how you use it to engage with your audience. Do you use the right platforms for your business? Do you have a clear strategy to use it? Are you using the same metrics for success? We have some tips on using these tools. Have a look at our social media guide and learn how to build your social media brand and influence. We also have helpful guide for SMBs on navigating the difficult waters of Facebook.


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