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How We Can Help With Google Adwords

Using Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the world’s largest and most visible online advertising platforms. It helps your business get as many eyes as possible on it and reach clients that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

You can get started here: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_ca/getstarted

As a pay-per-click model, you pay Google to show your ad to users based on the keywords they input into its search function. As well as the country they’re based in. Your ad is typically shown at the very top of Google search results (for corresponding keywords), depending on how successful your Adwords strategy is. Alternatively, they can be shown on the bottom of a search results page.

Firstly, the rank of your ad is primarily based on the competition you’re facing within a certain keyword. That competition is based on two factors. How much you paid for your ad compared to how much other advertisers paid. Second, the quality of your ad, along with the quality of your landing page and how relevant your ad is to those searching. If Google deems your ad to be high-quality, it can also be rewarded with a discounted cost per click – bonus!

Secondly, Adwords is the type of advertising tool that requires a certain level of expertise to truly master. At Skyfall Blue, we have years of experience in building winning Adwords strategy for a range of clients, from real estate to healthcare, construction, hospitality and beyond.

The Solution

Here’s how we can help you with your Adwords:

  • Start by pinpointing what your business goals are
  • Determine who your ideal audience is and how they would act online
  • Conduct keyword research to figure out what your target audience would be searching for, and which keywords have the least amount of competition
  • We then build out different campaigns on your Adwords account
  • Create standout ad copy, headlines and a call to action, all based on the decided-upon keywords
  • Design a high quality landing page outlining your services or products for your ads to point to
  • We add a Google Analytics code to your website to track which customers visited you based on the Adwords campaign
  • We then track and test the entire process accordingly to make sure that our strategy is working as well as possible, or tweak it if it isn’t

Ready to get your business started with Adwords? Contact us today – https://www.skyfallblue.com/contact-us/.

In summary, we can help get you started today.

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