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Meet Our Team – Joselin Green

Joselin Green has been a staple of the Skyfall Blue team for years, and we would not be where we were without her persistence and patience when it comes to social media implementation and graphic design. As our key social media strategist, she manages the nitty gritty backend work for many of our biggest clients and continually impresses us (and them) with her ability to juggle everything at once. Learn more about Joselin here.  

What is your educational background? 

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Queens University, and a graduate certificate in Public Relations and Event Management from Loyalist College.  

What were your last two jobs? 

Before Skyfall Blue, I worked as a marketing manager for an organization called Good Times Diner at Queen’s University and ran their social media and marketing campaigns. I am also a traveling Makeup Artist which is my other passion aside from marketing and social media. 

What do you love about social media marketing?  

I love how creative and diverse it is. I really enjoy the visual/design part, taking photos and videos, editing and creating really cool graphics and marketing campaigns.  

What do you hate about social media marketing? 

I dislike how people continue to underestimate and devalue it as a type of advertising. It is difficult to show the correlation between social media marketing and sales but we all know that it works. It is just tough that social media is continuously shown as a negative part of society despite the substantial amount of good it continues to do for business marketing. 

What is one thing you know about social media marketing that other people probably don’t know?  

Social Media is a growing industry and many people don’t realize that it is an entirely new employment sector for people. Historically, advertising was done through the forms of entertainment such as television, film and radio, including advertisements during commercial breaks. In today’s world, social media has taken over a big chunk of entertainment so instead of listening to the radio or watching TV, people are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, or watching YouTube videos. And how are we getting those advertisements out there? By paying social media influencers (Instagrammers/Youtubers) to do quick ads in the middle of their content. Social media is a growing industry and it is the new way to advertise your business to target the audience you want to reach. You have to be on board to market in today’s world. 

What is your role at Skyfall Blue? 

I am the Digital Marketing Manager. My role is to oversee all social media accounts, create marketing campaigns, photoshoots, graphic design, public relations and much more. I have always had an eye for social media, and never in a million years thought that someday that’s what I would be doing as a career. It truly is a dream job.  

What is your favorite part of your job? 

I really enjoy the creativity and diversity. Photography and videography are one of my main hobbies and to do that while I work is so amazing. As for diversity, I really like how we can work with so many different kinds of businesses, brands, and people. We are not an agency that works with one type of business, if you’ve seen our portfolio, you’ll see that we have worked with clients in real estate, hospitality, health services, construction, dentistry, not-for-profit and more. It’s awesome! 

What is the toughest part of your job? 

The toughest part of my job is trying to juggle too much at one time. It is so easy to get overwhelmed when taking on a lot of projects. My best advice is to go at your own pace and do the work you signed up to do and when you have the time, take on that extra project. It’s all about balance and knowing your limits.  

Tell us about the most inspirational client story you have had on the job at Skyfall Blue:  

One of our campaigns that we did for a pizza restaurant downtown Ottawa was during a terrible ice storm in Ottawa, we went out and gave free pizza to the people on the streets of Downtown Ottawa using the hashtag #nicestorm. The campaign went viral, homeless people and snow plow drivers alike enjoyed hot and delicious free pizza, and all our hearts melted! It was a great way for our client to connect with the community, while giving back to those who needed it.   

If you had to choose a meme to represent Skyfall Blue, what would it be?  

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