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Meet Our Team – Stacey Rothbard

Introducing…. Stacey Rothbard, senior manager of brand marketing and communications. Stacey has been a part of the Skyfall Blue team for three years. She is a brilliant copywriter, team lead, social media manager and more. She wears many hats on the Skyfall Blue team and we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do without her. We sat down with Stacey to ask her a few questions so you could get to know her just a bit better ?

What is your educational background?

I am originally from the UK, so all my schooling was done there! I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Bath Spa University. Also, a Master’s degree in Publishing from Kingston University London.

What were your last two jobs?

Prior to starting with Skyfall Blue, I worked as a sales account manager at a promotional products company and was a receptionist at a beauty salon!

What do you love about social media marketing?

Being able to reach out to consumers and engage with them directly, as well as telling each brand’s story in a fun and interesting way.

What do you hate about social media marketing?

For me personally, it’s having to spend so much of my day on social media. I would like to be able to reduce my screen time, but it’s hard when you have to be on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all day for work!

What is one thing you know about social media marketing that other people probably don’t know?

It’s more of an art than a science – there’s no set algorithm that is guaranteed to work every time. We have to tailor our approach to each client and, even then, it can often be a trial & error process.

What is your role at Skyfall Blue?

Mostly I am a content writer and digital marketing specialist, though really I do a little bit of everything! The main part of my job involves writing online content for our clients, such as blog posts, social media posts, and online marketing and website content. I also manage the social media accounts, design and implement marketing campaigns, and coordinate client photoshoots and cover events!

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love getting to write about a variety of different industries and topics, learning about them in the process. I also love our team – they make the job so much more enjoyable and so much more

fun! We can all hustle when needed and everyone is incredibly supportive of one another. Knowing that your colleagues have your back makes a huge difference in the workplace.

What is the toughest part of your job?

The work comes in waves, and sometimes we are expected to turn things around very quickly, so sometimes it can be hard to balance everything – but that’s all part of the fun, it keeps you on your toes!

Tell us about the most inspirational client story you have had on the job at Skyfall Blue:

It’s hard to pick one story – so many of our clients are inspirational and care so deeply about the work that they do. I love getting to learn more about all these local and diverse companies and the ways in which they look after their clients, their community and their staff.

If you had to choose a meme to represent Skyfall Blue, what would it be?

1000 1000 SkyFall Blue

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