The Key to Creating Strong Public Relations

Microsoft front man Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” While some may view public relations as an afterthought, or a dinosaur in the larger, fast-paced marketing industry, the truth is that PR is more necessary to a company’s success than ever. For example, research has found that a strong and well-communicated corporate purpose can contribute up to 17% of a company’s financial performance.

PR is the New Marketing

In fact, some have made a strong argument for how public relations has become the “new” marketing. That’s primarily due to one essential tool that public relations professions have had in their toolbox for decades.

What is that major component to public relations strategy? Simple: Storytelling.

Nowadays, consumers want to connect with companies and brands in a deeper, more meaningful way than through a product or purchase. These customers want to know and connect with your brand’s story—its mission, values and benefits. Public relations is all about creating and managing positive relationships with stakeholders, and one of the ways to build those relationships with your customers is through telling your brand story.

How PR Boosts Your Brand

Savvy public relations firms and professionals use many different communications vehicles to paint the picture of your brand’s “story.” Some of these include traditional public relations tactics, such as working with media outlets to share your messaging as third-party advocates. Other tools include messaging through your website or a social media presence, creating touchpoints with your customers and other stakeholders. Still other “guerilla” tactics might include partnerships at certain events or sponsorship of a cause that aligns with your company’s mission and values.

The possibilities of ways public relations can support engagement, increase brand awareness and grow your customer base are endless. However, when all tactics are considered together, the goal is to paint a clear, attractive picture of how your company or brand successfully serves its client base.

How is your company currently leveraging public relations to reach its goals? If you’re in need of a strong public relations presence, SkyfallBlue is here to help. Call or email us today!

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