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5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Run Your Business Website

Ask any experienced website developer for a recommended website platform, and they’ll likely tell you to use WordPress. Almost 75 million websites are built on WordPress, and almost 19% of all self-hosted websites on the internet depend on WordPress. If you’re wondering whether or not WordPress is a suitable platform to host your business website on, read on.

Why is WordPress such a popular platform?

If you’re remembering WordPress as the popular blogging platform from the first decade of the 2000s, you’re only half right. Whether you realize it or not, many of the websites you frequent use WordPress as a base for programming (and many aren’t blogs). These websites are either hosted through WordPress using a customizable WordPress theme, or can be self-hosted and designed according to your own specifications. Using this platform, your business can easily set up an Ecommerce hub.

The full list of WordPress benefits is extensive, but here are the top five:


1-It’s free!

It’s totally free to download and install the WordPress platform. Building your site through WordPress would save you the cost of setting up a website from scratch on a proprietary platform.

2- It’s flexible:

You can use WordPress to create (and easily modify) any type of website. WordPress uses what’s called “open source” coding, which means anyone can view, modify or study the website’s source code.

3- It has plenty of plugins

Because WordPress is so versatile, you can choose from many different existing WordPress plugins to modify your site. Just search, download and customize!

4-It’s universally known

Because it’s such a popular platform to work off of, you have many WordPress experts you can partner with to create, design or modify your website.

5-It’s SEO-friendly:

WordPress has built its platform to work well with search engines. With the right SEO plugins and strategy, this capacity can be expanded even further.

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