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How Being Mobile-Friendly Affects Your Google Rankings

For those of you who aren’t early adopters or just “couldn’t find room in the budget” for a mobile-friendly website update, you might want to change your tune…and quickly. This past April, Google started considering mobile-friendliness in their search algorithms. If your website is still not mobile-optimized, you’re losing rank in Google search results (which means your website may soon rank below your competitor’s).

Google claimed it implemented the change with the end users—your customers’—experience in mind. More “relevant” websites with content optimized for their devices will take priority placement in mobile search results over other, non-friendly sites. This is important because, according to Google, mobile Google searches have surpassed desktop searches for the first time ever. And, an estimated 89% of all smartphone users worldwide conduct searches on Google via their phone.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly or not? Google provides several handy tools for those in doubt.

– The “Mobile Friendly Test” tool that shows how Google Search sees your page.
– Get a full list of mobile usability issues using Google’s Search Console.
– If you discover your site is indeed outdated, use this guide to building mobile-friendly sites.

The good news if you haven’t updated your website to satisfy Google’s algorithm requirement, you’re not alone.

Forrester Research estimates only 38% of all websites for businesses of 1,000 or more employees meet Google’s criteria.

It’s not too late to save your rankings. Ready to get your website mobile and mobile search-friendly? Contact SKYFALL BLUE today!

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