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What are Organic Search Results and Why Should I Care About Them?

In the world of internet marketing, organic means unpaid. As such, organic search results are populated via google keyword searches that may include your website listing that have not been paid for. In simple terms, when somebody types a keyword into Google and ends up on your website from the search results page, this is organic. This is done when business owners optimize their content by including key words and phrases that are typically searched in relation to their business, also known as search engine optimization, which can naturally increase their ranking on search engines. The alternative route that many companies use is paid rankings, whereby companies pay a variable rate to appear more frequently in search engine results. Despite the value of paid advertisements, for many companies, optimizing organic search results are an ideal method to meet company needs. Here are five reasons why you should care about organic search results.

1. Affordability

The first and most obvious benefit of organic search results for companies, especially those with limited budgets, is the simple fact that this is completely free and simply requires effective copywriting skills. 

2. Competition

With the right content writing and the implementation of search engine optimization across your web platforms, you can increase your online presence while simultaneously bumping the presence of your competitors on search engines.

3. Integrity

Many users judge a company online based on its style of marketing. The aggressive and bombarding use of paid advertisements may leave a bad taste in potential clients mouths. Organic search results are honest and demonstrate great brand credibility to clients.

4. Sustainability 

With pay-per-click advertisements, you need to continue paying to keep getting your advertisements and website visible online. This means that the minute you stop paying, people stop seeing your company. Contrarily, optimizing your website for organic search results is a long term solution to showing up in search rankings.

5. Quality Visitors

Finally, by focusing your energy on search engine optimization and organic search results you are drawing people who are already typing queries into search bars related to your company, rather than people who are seeing your ads online. This is a very targeted approach, without requiring you to actually do any of the targeting. 


If you and your company are eager to optimize your website for organize search results, or are simply curious to learn why organic search results are important for your business, contact our team at Skyfall Blue today for a free consultation.

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