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Top 5 Reasons To Optimize Your Website Speed

So, you have designed and developed the most wonderful website. The images are striking, the video content is engaging and the copywriting tells your story in a powerful and unforgettable way. But, when you look at your website analytics, you notice that your website visitors linger for just a few minutes on your homepage before departing abruptly. Sound familiar? The issue could be your website speed. Here are our top five reasons why you should optimize your website speed.

1. Customer Retention:

When a customer lands on your site, even if you have everything they are looking for, if your webpage images and videos are clogging up their loading time, and they have to wait even just an extra second for your content to load, they will undoubtedly disappear. You have lost a client, a lead and maybe even a sale. 

2. SEO Best Practice:

In the website design and development world, optimizing your website speed is essential because your website and webpage speed are some of the most common ways that Google ranks its websites in searches. A slow loading site will not show up as often in website searches. 

3. User Experience:

Even if your client decides to linger on your slow loading website, there is no question that their experience browsing and shopping will be subpar relative to your competitors. We believe everyone should treat their website just like they would a brick-and-mortar shop – offer the highest quality experience imaginable, and a fast-loading website and webpage is mandatory.

4. Reduce Bounce Rates:

A high performing and high-speed website and webpages will reduce bounce rates on your website, ultimately attracting fewer buyers to your site.

5. Customer Conversion:

You don’t just want someone to visit your site, you want them to engage with your site. Whether this is by purchasing your product, registering for your event or signing up for your newsletter. In order to get your customer converted to a buyer/engager on your site, you must optimize your website speed. Otherwise, you will lose them before the conversion happens.


We hope that these top five reasons to optimize your website speed have been useful in helping you to understand how valuable it is for you, as a website owner/business owner, to take the time, money and energy to invest in a high-performing website. The faster your website page loading time is, the more likely you will get leads, that can convert to sales, which can keep you and your company thriving. For assistance optimizing your website speed, contact our team at Skyfall Blue today.



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