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Why is My Website Not on the First Page of Google?

Google is the most powerful search engine on the Internet and where your website ranks in its listings could make or break your business. If you want to drive organic traffic to your website and generate more leads, then you really need to get on the first page of Google listings. But getting to the first page is not the only goal — it also matters where your search result appears on the page, with listings lower down the rankings experiencing a drop in click-through rates. The higher you can get your website in Google’s search results, the better exposure and credibility for your business. The ultimate goal? Being the first listed result on the first page!

This sounds like it would be no easy feat, but there are a few (free!) things you can do to make this happen. Here are our top tips to help your website appear on the first page of Google’s search results:

Add keywords to specific places on your website

The process of adding specific keywords to your website to appeal to search engines is called search engine optimization (SEO). Start by determining which keywords or phrases your customers would be searching for, then start adding those to your web content. For example: ‘Ottawa hair salon’ or ‘best brunch in Toronto’. Make sure you use different keywords for each page of your website so they aren’t conflicting with one another.

Create content for humans, not Google

Google is the one crawling the web searching for information, but it is real humans who will determine the value of that information. To this end, you should be aiming your content towards humans not just optimizing it for Google. Keywords may bring people to your page, but it is genuine informational content serving a purpose that will keep them coming back.

Location, location, location

Push your Google listing up the rankings by emphasizing your location through local SEO and appealing to any location-based queries. Your website should list where you are located on various pages, including your Contact Us page, blog posts and service listings. By doing this, Google will add your website to any location-based searches and will even include you in any ‘near me’ searches.

Make your website user friendly

These days, the majority of people searching Google are doing so from their phones and tablets instead of their computers. It is crucial that your website be responsive and mobile-friendly to appeal to this audience of consumers. You should also ensure that your website is user friendly and easy to use. Any website that takes too long to load, doesn’t provide the correct information, or is difficult to navigate will deter customers from repeat visits.

We hope you have found these tips useful. Now, go out there and get your website to the first page of Google! For more information, reach out to our team of experts at Skyfall Blue. We would love nothing more than to help your website get the visibility it deserves.

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