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What You Get When Skyfall Blue Takes Care Of Your Website

Building a website seems straightforward enough, but there are far more elements to plan out than you’d initially expect. Sites like Squarespace and Wix make it seem easy, though you’ll quickly see that once you get into the nitty gritty of it and want to start customizing certain elements of the layouts these sites offer, things get complicated – quick! So what will you get when Skyfall Blue takes care of your website? 

When you entrust Skyfall Blue with building your site, we take care of the process from A-Z. Our team has a consultation meeting with you to get a sense of what you’re hoping to achieve, takes notes about your design vision and understands which elements are non-negotiable for you. 

From there, we’ll handle:

Hosting and Support

We have the servers needed to host the code and files that will make up your website. This is a big bonus in that you’ll know exactly who’s hosting your site, and can reach out to us for support if ever you require technical assistance.


Have a vision for what your website should look like? We’ll make it come to life. Our web designers know what looks great and what captures an audience’s attention. Check out some of our previous work here.


What use is having a website if local search engines can’t find it? Our marketing team ensures that your site’s content is populated with the right keywords and meta-descriptions for it to rank on Google.

Lead Generation

We’ll come up with the right marketing funnel and calls to action to help build your e-mail list and grow a database of leads you can sell your products or services to.


This is what people struggle with the most! You know your business better than anybody else, but often that bank of knowledge turns into long, wordy website copy if you try to write it yourself. Our copywriter will meet with you to get an overview of what you’d like to say, then will work her magic to produce snappy, crisp copy.

Throughout the process, we’ll touch base with you to get your feedback and tweak your site’s copy and design accordingly. The project doesn’t end until you’re completely happy with the final product!

In need of a website overhaul or refresh and wondering where to start? Contact us today at 613-912-7780.

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