How To Use Social Media For Business

Are you running a business online? If you answer yes to this question, than it is absolutely essential that you are actively using social media for your business. However, many new business owners struggle to understand exactly how to use social media for their marketing, branding and sales goals. This article outlines the top five ways that you can use social media for your business. 

1. Build a Trustworthy Brand

By creating social media pages for your business, and engaging with real customers on these sites, you begin to build brand trust with old and new clients. Be sure to include interactive videos, professional as well as candid ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos and client testimonials across your social media sites to genuinely share your brand vision.

2. Connect with Industry Professionals
Instead of visiting likeminded industry professionals directly, or meeting them once or twice a year at a tradeshow, you can use social media to connect with likeminded businesses and competitors alike on a regular basis. This is also an excellent way to observe what kind of promotions your competitors are running, what kind of products they are selling and how their clients are engaging with them online. 
3. Access a New, Global Clientele

Studies show that there are over 3 billion active social media users worldwide, and these people are often online looking for products and services to buy and knowledge to consume. With search engine optimization and demographic targeting on your social media advertisements, you can access clients that live anywhere in the world – something that was virtually impossible a decade ago.

4. Target Your Loyal Clients

With the use of retargeting ads on social media, you can intentionally make your ads visible to people who have already visited your website and are thus familiar with your brand. This reminds past clients, who are often those most likely to make another purchase, about your brand, your products and your services. 

5. Drive Traffic to Your Website
Every post that you put on your social media has the capacity to drive more traffic to your website. Assuming your website is effectively and accessibly designed, than every person who visits your website is potential buyer. The more social media engagement you get, the higher your potential return on investment in both the short and the long run.

Whatever your current marketing strategy is, it is essential that it integrates effectively using social media for your business as a way to increase brand awareness, attract new and old clients to your website and trigger sales. If you and your company need guidance on how to use social media for your business, call our team at Skyfall Blue today.

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