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Paid Advertising Campaigns

A paid advertising campaign is an incredible tool to improve your brand awareness and increase traffic to your website. This article explains what a paid advertising campaign is, how much it can cost, how to create and activate a paid advertising campaign and what the benefits of doing so are for your business. 

What is a Paid Advertising Campaign?

A paid ad campaign is an efficient and direct way to target a specific audience that you can choose on social media to direct people to your website, particularly your sales pages. 


For example, Facebook and Instagram Advertising is most effective at increasing brand awareness, sending traffic to your website, improving engagement on your website, generating leads and encouraging clients to chat with you on your messenger chat bot. They are also capable of increasing conversion and leads by driving viewers to your website. Photo and Video ads are the most effective on Facebook and can be created rapidly using Facebook Business Manager. 


How much does a Paid Advertising Campaign Cost? 

The cost of paid advertising varies drastically. It depends on whether you are looking for impressions (as many people seeing your ad as possible) or engagement (only people who are most likely to engage with your business will see your ad). Both are valuable and the cost of your paid advertising campaign depends on which you choose, how you target and how long you run your ad campaign.


How to Create a Paid Advertising Campaign? 

The first step in creating a paid ad campaign is to determine what goal you are trying to achieve and who your target audience is. Next, it is useful to take a look at which posts you have put up on your social media in the past that garner a lot of attention from your followers. Once you have settled on precisely why and who you are targeting, you can use your branding guidelines to design your campaign online. For Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaigns, the Facebook Business Manager will guide you through the precise process of setting up and launching your campaign. 


What are the Benefits of a Paid Ad Campaign? 

While even the most effectively designed and executed paid ad campaign can take up to six months to drive notable traffic and sales to your website, throughout the entire duration of your campaign you are showing up on peoples social media feeds, on peoples website sidebars and garnering an incredible amount of views to your ad. Views can lead to visits to your website. Website visits can lead to the purchase of your product. This is the new sales funnel in a world operating businesses online.


If you are eager to create a paid ad campaign but unsure how to do it on your own, our team at Skyfall Blue are here to help you develop, design and launch a paid advertising campaign for your company. Call our team today to learn more. 


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