Are Your Social Media Posts Actually Helping Your Business?

Are Your Social Media Posts Actually Helping Your Business?

So you’ve created a social media strategy, spent time creating content and have put it into action. Your platforms look great, you’re getting likes and comments on your posts and you’ve noticed your follower count start to grow – but how can you recognize if your efforts are paying off and actually helping your business? To know for sure, you’ll have to look at the numbers, ie. social media analytics. Without measuring concrete data, you’ll only be able to guess if your social media posts are doing their job and performing successfully. 


Here are the analytics you should be looking at:


Brand awareness:

What is the number of impressions that your organic or paid content is receiving? The amount of people your social media posts is able to reach is directly related to increased public awareness about your brand or business.



The amount of likes and comments your posts receive will be indicative of whether or not your followers are actually interested in what you have to say. If this number is low, you might want to rethink your social strategy and take a different approach to create content that resonates with your ideal buyers.  



This metric refers to the number of clicks that your posts are bringing to your website. Traffic is a clear way to tell if people are interacting with the calls to action in your content and if they’re interested enough in what you’re promoting to visit your website, learn more and potentially make a purchase.  



Is your social content resonating enough with influential people for them to share it or give it coverage? Influence refers to the number of media mentions your business receives, social coverage from other sources or if prominent voices/companies in your field choose to share your content. Through this metric, you’ll be able to tell if your brand or business is authoritative within its niche. 


Lead generation:

This metric is crucial for social media, measuring potential client acquisition through email collection, social signups, and landing page visits. Social media serves as the initial customer contact, prompting them to share information for ongoing updates about your activities.



Ah, the golden number to look at. Are people ultimately buying as a direct result of your social media posts?
Conversion denotes the sales generated through educating audiences about your products or services. By cultivating interest, your business prompts action.


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