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What is Your 2020 Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Having a social media presence without a solid, research-based social media marketing strategy is the equivalent of trying to swim in a small puddle. Successful social media marketing requires a concise foundation as a reference point—or else you’ll end up floundering. 


What is a social media strategy?

A social media marketing strategy is simply a written definition and explanation of how your organization will use social media platforms and tools to achieve overarching strategic goals. A good social media marketing strategy includes measurable objectives to determine success (or lack thereof) in your social media efforts. It will also clearly define your audience and include an action plan for how to reach that audience.


Why is a social media strategy important?

Today, many purchasing decisions are influenced by social media and social media advertisements. Having a strategy to reference will ensure you are using the right social media platforms to reach your target audience and employing efforts that align with your larger business goals. Without a strategy to anchor your social media, you’re shooting darts at a giant dartboard and hoping it will stick (rather than aligning several small dartboards that are more likely to result in potential sales, etc.).  


How do you create a social media strategy?

Typically, a good social media strategy contains the same ingredients: 

Goals, measurable objectives and an action plan.


Once a strategy is setup, the idea is that you’ll only have to measure, repeat and adjust as necessary. Here are a few steps to get you started:


  • Align goals:  Show how your social media goals can align to larger business goals. It is a strategy with greater brand awareness, increased sales or reputation management.
  • Define your social networks:  Research and limit your social media outreach to only the networks where you can engage your target audience. 
  • Include measurable objectives:  Include key performance metrics in your strategy. Increase of 100 Facebook “likes” or 10 Twitter “shares” to determine success.
  • Create a schedule:  Based on your goals, objectives and social networks. Include a social media schedule of postings to keep your social media on track, consistent and tied to your social media strategy.



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