The Best Social Media Tools for Real Estate Agents

The Best Social Media Tools for Real Estate Agents

Are you a real estate agent in Ottawa? If you want to learn all about what the best social media tools are for real estate agents and how to integrate them into your business, then this article is for you! Our team at Skyfall Blue has worked with some of the highest-ranking realtors and real estate agencies in Ottawa for over ten years. During that time, we have studied, learned, and discovered how to truly make social media work for real estate agents looking to increase their brand awareness to buyers and sellers alike. Here are our top eight social media tools for real estate agents:



Every professional social media management company and business uses Hootsuite (or a platform like it) to simplify the management of social media. This platform enables users to manage and schedule all social media content, including photos, in prime time windows, in one place.


Interconnected Accounts

Your potential buyers and sellers are everywhere, and it is pivotal that you are too. This is why the most successful real estate agents on social media are active on multiple platforms and accounts. While many industry experts recommend real estate agents focus on Facebook and Twitter, we have seen some pretty spectacular results from agents on Instagram (through image sharing) and LinkedIn (through developing business relationships and referral networking). We recommend that you choose your top platforms, based on your target audience and goal, and cross-promote across each of them.


Influencer Marketing

The age of social media allows companies of all sizes to powerfully connect with bigger companies, groups, magazines, influencers, and local retailers to share postings, listings and blogs. Through partnering with influential individuals and businesses, real estate agents can use social media to spread their message to entirely new demographics without having to leave their computer.


SEO tools

Real estate agents can boost followers and website visitors through search engine optimization. Say farewell to awkward cold calling as you let Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel and targeted keywords bring your name to the top of Google searches. If these are all new words to you, contact our team at Skyfall Blue for a free consultation about how to use these powerful SEO tools to increase your Google ranking.



We love using Canva for designing fast, easy, and inspirational social media graphics. Choose from hundreds of free stock images, infographics, fonts, layouts and designs to integrate into your promotional pieces, social media posts and newsletters.


Call to Action

This is not so much a tool as a copywriting necessity. On almost every piece of content (that includes images, videos, infographics and copy) that you ever post online, ensure that you include a call to action. Think of something simple such as “Contact our team now to book a viewing” or something more creative such as “Are you tired of trying and failing to sell your home for price it deserves? Our agents can help. Call within the next 24 hours and receive a free consultation with some of our top ranking real estate agents”. The power of these words is priceless, we promise.



With the rise of Instagram and Facebook Stories, the value and power of video has never been higher. Some agents use Facebook Live to host an open house, Instagram Stories to show multiple perspectives of homes, and both to take potential buyers on “live walking tours” of neighbourhoods where they are selling homes.



Perhaps the only thing that has remained the same over the years in the social media world is the power and presence of hashtags. When it comes to the real estate industry, some tried and true hashtags include: #houseoftheday #luxuryrealestate #realtor #property #realestate #realty #firsthome #homeforsale #firsttimebuyer #homebuyers #openhouse . Make sure to hashtag the neighbourhood you are featuring as well, and never post more than 11 hashtags per post.  You might even consider creating your own brand hashtag or event hashtags to include in every single post you make and make you easily searchable by followers online (i.e. #julesrealestate or #centralparkhomes)


These simple steps, tools and tricks will have you far ahead of your competitors in the real estate market. In an era where almost all real estate agents are online, and most of their clients are finding them (and their listings) through social media, you cannot afford not to be actively engaged on social media.


If you are looking for support developing your social media presence, writing your social media copy or optimizing your website, our team at Skyfall Blue is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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