Autumnal Thanksgiving Arrangement

5 Ways to Market Your Business this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is more than just a time to show thanks. It’s a time to take a step back, slow down and cherish what is truly important. Though your business will likely be closed over the Thanksgiving weekend, you still want to ensure that your company is top of mind with your customers. To help you out this holiday period, we’ve gathered together five of our tried and true tips to successfully market your online business this Thanksgiving!


Offer a Thanksgiving promotion

Get creative with a Thanksgiving promotion to show your loyal customers how grateful you are for their business. There’s no better way to show your thanks to your customers than to offer them a discount on your products or services. A special offer or promotion can also be a great way to attract new business and boost sales over the holidays!


Show your community spirit

Show your clients and customers that you are an active and committed member of your local community by donating some of your October profits to charity. Alternatively, you can donate some of your products or services to charities where they would be best received. Do you have own a hairdressing business? Perhaps you could offer your services to patients at a local hospital or retirement home. Do you own a bakery? Donate some bread to your local shelter! Another option is to sponsor a local charity event, such as a bake sale or golf drive. This will get your business’ name in front of people, while showing your community spirit. Giving back is not something that every business does, so it can set you apart from your competitors.


Add some holiday cheer

Even something as simple as adding some Thanksgiving graphics and images to your website and social media can show that you are up-to-date with holidays and current events. Taking the time to add some holiday cheer to your online business can brighten your customer’s day, make them smile, and leave them thinking about you! Non-sales related posts can also encourage online engagement with your customers and followers.


Showcase your staff

Take this time to thank your staff, while using them to show a genuine and human side to your business. Post photos of your staff (with their approval of course!) and thank them for the hard work they do. These days, customers like to be informed about where their goods and services are coming from, and showcasing your staff adds authenticity to your brand while demonstrating your company spirit.


Say thank you!

If you just don’t have the budget for a promotion or donation, then simply saying ‘thank you’ to your clients will go a long way! This shows you’re thinking about them, and that you’re grateful for their business. A short email or social media post to say thank you will keep your business in front of your customers over the holidays in a positive light.


However you choose to market your business this Thanksgiving, make sure you are promoting yourself across all available online platforms, including your website, newsletters, and social media! Formulate an effective marketing strategy with your team and stay true to your brand. Be genuine in showing your thanks to your customers. After all, where would you be without them?


For help in marketing your online business this holiday season, reach out to us here at Skyfall Blue. We’d love to chat strategy with you to find the most effective way to get your business in front of the right people!


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