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How to Generate Leads Using Twitter

In this modern technological age, business people are having to use newer and increasingly creative techniques to connect with potential clients and customers. Does your business have a Twitter account? Have you considered using it to generate leads? If not, you may be missing a trick. Here are our best tips and tricks to prospect using Twitter to find potential leads, proactively engage with them, and ultimately turn them into clients.


Find your prospects, build a list

Make use of Twitter’s Advanced Search tool to help you do this. This way you can make sure that you’re connecting with the right people by tracking their comments and inserting yourself into relevant conversations. For instance, someone on Twitter posts about needing a landscaping contractor for their yard. You happen to own a landscaping business. Boom! You can swoop in and convert that lead into a client. To make full use of the Advanced Search feature, you need to get into the mindset of your potential client and run advanced searches on what they might be tweeting about. Other tools you can use to help you build a strong prospects list are Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. You can conduct searches based on a hashtag, query, Twitter handle or geographic location.


Start engaging with your prospects

Engage with your prospects by re-tweeting, liking & commenting on their posts. Ideally you would like to have some two-way engagement going before you approach them in a direct message. Ease off on the sales pitches for now, and instead show your value by commenting with authentic and customized responses. Keep track of your Twitter leads by creating a private Twitter list you can name ‘Prospects’ or ‘Potential Leads’. By having all your leads grouped in one place, it makes it easy to monitor and manage them.


Then DM (direct message) them

Once you have warmed up your potential leads with some Twitter engagement, you can send them a direct message. Here, you can promote yourself and your business a little more with a more finely-tuned sales pitch. The prospect will already be familiar with your name through your prior engagement so the chance of them responding to you is more likely.


Show your value using Twitter’s live video feature

Twitter’s recently-added live video feature, Periscope, is a fantastic way for you to add authenticity to your brand and generate business. By giving your followers an intimate insight into your business, you can build trust and show your value. With the Periscope feature built into the Twitter app, live-streaming a behind the scenes video has never been easier. Your followers will have the chance to follow you in real time and to leave comments or ask questions. Don’t launch into a sales pitch right away, instead use the live-streaming feature as a way to educate your followers about your business, about a new product or service, or even to introduce them to your team!


If you’ve found that you’ve hit a dead end in drumming up new business, this prospecting method should provide some fruitful results in generating new leads. You may be surprised at the results! For more advice on lead generation strategies, read our recent blog post.

For additional assistance in crafting effective and creative marketing strategies to generate leads and revenue for your online business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Skyfall Blue. We’d be happy to hear from you!


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