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6 Design Principles You Must Know Before Starting a New Website Design

In today’s world, it’s hard for a business to truly “exist” without a website. However, launching a website is easier said than done! Quite a bit of planning goes into a website, because all its design and features must be ready before the site goes live. If you’re planning on taking your business online (or give your current website a facelift), here are six major website design principles to keep fresh in your mind:


Your website images (and headings) are the first things your visitors will see. Using the rule of visual hierarchy, size your most important visuals the largest and display them prominently on your website. For images, employ the rule of thirds (drawing the eye to where the thirds intersect).

White Space

Web design trends are quickly moving away from the busy, cluttered look (think: Multiple click-through buttons, long copy and ads) and gravitating toward clean lines. As a rule of thumb, keep your design simple, choose powerful imagery, and use white space to your advantage.


Along with the increased use of white space, copy has been trimmed down to hold visitors’ interest. Keep your copy brief and to-the-point, and display your most important information above the website fold (what visitors can view on their screen before having to scroll down).


While web designers and marketers alike have debated on sans serif versus serif, most studies show that sans serif is easier to read and comprehend online. You should use larger fonts when possible so text can be easily read via mobile devices (the ideal font size for reading easily online is 16px). Try to use three or less typefaces to achieve a minimalist look.


You’ll want to choose your website color scheme carefully, as different colors can indicate your industry or how people should feel about your business. If you can, use complementary colors and incorporate your “brand” colors (the colors of your logo, etc.).

Mobile friendliness

More and more consumers now expect to see websites that are mobile-friendly, and Google is even ranking mobile-friendly websites higher than their competition. Make sure your website is built on a mobile-friendly platform (ideally, you’ll want to use responsive web design so your website can fit every screen it appears on).

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