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How to Create a Better Customer Experience with Mobile Apps

A website is great for building an online presence. But if you’ve already established a customer base, how else can you interact with and engage your customers? What touch points may be missing?

The answer—and next step—for your business may be a mobile application. Data shows that consumers will spend over three hours per day on mobile devices and smartphones. And, consumers will spend 85% of that time in mobile apps. Knowing that app interaction will only increase in the future, an app could be an excellent vehicle for cultivating deeper relationships with your client base.

Are you wondering if a mobile app is right for your business?

First, you’ll need to take a critical look at your product and target audience. Is this a product and audience that would benefit from a mobile app (i.e., for added perks, more information or an easier mobile shopping experience)?

Then, you’ll need to weigh the potential benefits with your budget. Mobile apps are an investment (but hopefully one that will pay off in the end).

To help you decide, consider these four benefits of using a mobile app for your business:

Increased visibility

Having an app automatically means greater brand recognition, because a user will see your app every time his or her phone is opened. Surprisingly, apps also have less competition than websites (on average, people have only 26 apps installed on their phones, as compared to hundreds of similar websites). Having a mobile app easily strengthens your brand and offers a platform for your business to showcase products and services.

Improved customer engagement

Mobile apps offer an entirely new (and personal) communications channel to reach your customers. Through push notifications and other direct ‘ads’ on mobile phones, you can speak and engage directly to customers on the specific products they’re most interested in.

Larger sales growth

Most mobile apps are set up to make purchases easy for users, by storing payment information or otherwise simplifying the checkout process. Some mobile apps are set up so that users can purchase in just a few swipes or clicks of buttons. This makes it easier for your customers to buy your products, and in turn can give your business a big sales boost.

Greater customer loyalty

By its nature, mobile apps offer added value for your customer. If you succeed in providing a fun and delightful customer experience, users will be more likely to engage with and return to your app. This means greater customer loyalty and repeat business in the future.

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