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How to Improve Sales with a Strong Content Strategy

Today’s consumers are empowered, information-savvy…and getting better and better at tuning out traditional ads and sales tactics. A majority (81%) of consumers research information online such as product reviews, pricing, and selection before making a purchase. And, 70% of the buyer’s journey is complete before even talking with a salesperson. Because of this, sales and marketing departments are working together in unprecedented ways to educate consumers about the benefits of their products.

Many businesses have catapulted to success by simply employing a strong content strategy. When done effectively, content marketing can prime leads and accomplish the “heavy lifting” of education and confidence-building traditionally done through the sales department. Ideally, the content you provide will be valuable enough to lead clients far enough down a sales funnel, to the point where a salesperson can just confirm what the client has already learned.

On the sales end, there are many benefits to using content to drive sales. Here are just a few of the ways a strong content strategy could improve sales ennoblement:

Building brand awareness and an online presence:

Having name recognition and a steady pool of current and prospective customers makes it easier to find and close sales.

Creating leads:

Whereas in the past, leads would often come from in-person events and traditional advertising, online content opens up a whole new avenue for prospecting.

Educating clients:

Content marketing can easily turn a “cold” lead into a “warm” lead through educating potential customers about the benefits of a product. In turn, this results in a shorter sales process.

Saving sales time and resources:

Because online content educates consumers on the front end of a sale, less time is necessary on the phones (and less staff is needed to support sales).

Increasing engagement:

By building relationships online with current and prospective clients, content marketing can increase new and repeat sales business.

Retaining current customers:

Targeted content can keep current customers engaged and satisfied with your brand and product.

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