Lessons Learned: Top 5 Twitter Mistakes You Should Avoid ASAP


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published at Ottawa Valley Moms (read the original post here). The post was so popular and well-received that we are excited to share it with you here at SKYFALL BLUE BLOG.

If you’ve been on Twitter long enough, I’m sure that like me, you’ve acquired a good sense of what you like, not like and absolutely abhor in Twitter. As the Social Media platform with (IMO) the least amount of learning curve and by far, the quickest in terms of forming engagements and relationships, Twitter is a fabulous tool to connect with the world but it is also one rife with one too many faux-pas.

Sometimes, Social Media faux-pas are inappropriate at best, could be funny and entertaining but at worst, it could have some dire consequences like, hmnn… I don’t know, labeling you as a Social Media pariah. Not exactly the digital title you want now, is it?

So, let’s take a look at SKYFALL BLUE’s Top 5 Twitter Mistakes and how to absolutely avoid them like the deathly plague in 2013:

1.        Automatic Direct Messages

 As much as I’d like a welcome and a thank you (not expected but much appreciated) when I decided to follow you, I want my welcome warm and not through a generic computer generated bot Auto DM that tells me I, too, should follow you at Facebook, your website, Instagram, Pinterest, your home address, the gym you go to, etc. Let’s just start with Twitter, shall we?

2.       Twitter Validation

 Worst than the Auto DMs are the Auto Verification DMs, which tells you that this account you just followed is using a validation system and that you should validate yourself in order to be deemed to be worthy to follow this Twitter handle. Why? Did I just the follow the IRS or the CRA? Are you going to run my car’s license plate next to see if I can re-tweet you? Twitter already has a system that establishes authenticity of identities on Twitter. Just do what you’re supposed to do and tweet dammit!

Example of a fantastic Twitter Bio – Ottawa Valley Moms
You can follow them at @OttawaValleyMom

3.       Poorly Written Bios

I am not one for #TeamFollowBack, I don’t just follow you because you followed me and while this is still very much a subject of debate, let’s move past following someone by default and talk about why I should follow you instead. It’s almost like a dating site, please tell me about you, what you do, what your interests are and from there, I can determine if I want to connect with you to know more about you. But really, your passion is tweeting and your location is the Universe?

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4.       Missing or Generic Avatar (Twitter Profile Picture)

 I think one of the most poorly thought of quote of all time is “Do Not Judge the Book by Its Cover”. While you’re being non-judgmental of others, do know that the rest of the world is judging you. You’ve got less than a minute to make a good impression in real life and in Twitter, you have less than half of that minute and part of that deciding factor for me is your Twitter Profile Picture. How can I possibly trust you if your picture is that of Taylor Swift or One Republic? I sure can’t trust cat (unless you are in fact Karl Lagerfeld’s Choupette), a rose and a heart (sweet but no) and perhaps equally worst, an egg.

p.s. While you’re at it, optimize your Twitter background too. It’s prime real estate to communicate your brand’s message, logo and images.

5.       Broken Links And Missing URLs

This may not sound so consequential but consider this – if you tweeted about a time sensitive sale for your company, with an exciting tagline of Up to 75% OFF with FREE SHIPPING and you provided the incorrect link or you failed to attach a URL with your tweet, you may have lost that sale, not to mention how terribly annoying it is to be excited to click on something that doesn’t work. So before you tweet, make sure you have the proper links, it will only take a few seconds more but it definitely a mistake you cannot ignore.

If you noticed, these TOP 5 Twitter Mistakes are more on the technical side, which means they are blunders that can be quickly and easily fixed. Next time, we will talk about the soft skills involved in Twitter (or Social Media in general) so stay tuned, it’s going to be a juicy one.

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Are you guilty of any of these Twitter Mistakes? Can you think of more?

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