motion micro

project overview

Find the BEST online solution for to reflect the products and solutions offered by Motion Micro.

Website Development, Creative Branding

Micro Motion contacted SKYFALL BLUE in hopes to find the best solution to get their business online. We worked closely with their amazing team to develop a dual-use platform. Sometimes one site just won’t cut it and we work personally with our clients to create what works best for them.

First came the electromechanical product listing site demonstrating the companies offerings online. Second came an onslaught of impeccable e-commerce solutions, including shopping cart, online purchase capacity and more. Third came the online sales and an entirely new platform to run their business from.

We are proud of the work we completed with this project and hope you like it as much as we do.

solutions provided

  • Website development from scratch: Content, artwork and design
  • Creative marketing product development: Includes product line cards, artwork and design for tradeshow banners, e-newsletter, targeted SEO campaign


The revitalization of the two website design and content alongside a targeted SEO campaign drove clients and ultimately sales to the company.