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Fence Masters

Fence Masters Ottawa: Managed by the expert team at Skyfall Blue

Fence Masters


Website Design, Website Content, SEO, Adwords, Brand Voice, Blogs, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Engagement and Posting, Facebook Advertising.


Website Design: Designed an compelling website with sliding header features, form submissions and detailed service information.

Content Writing: Complete website content (copy and images) was developed in collaboration with the client. Monthly industry-specific and SEO heavy blogs were written and published across social media platforms.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms were created and populated, primary platforms were determined and further developed, thus targeting the appropriate clientele.

SEO: SEO integration throughout website and content copy.

Content Development: Completion of search engine optimized website content, copy for blogs, social media and other materials as needed.


Heightened brand awareness and client accessibility through visually appealing and functionally effective website and social media profiles.

Fence Masters Ottawa: Managed by the expert team at Skyfall Blue