Dr. Sara Syed Dentistry

Dr, Syed, managed by the team at Skyfall Blue

Dr. Sara Syed Dentistry


Website Design, Content Writing, Social Media, Online Marketing, SEO, Brand Voice, Videos and Photography, Live Event Coverage.


Website Design: Designed an industry appropriate website with sliding header features, document uploading and detailed service information.

Content Writing: Complete website content (copy and images) was developed in collaboration with the client.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms were created and populated, creative contests and campaigns were developed, and user engagement was increased.

SEO: SEO integration throughout website and content copy.

Blogs: Monthly blogs were crafted to discuss industry related issues and dental education.


Dr. Sara Syed actively uses her Instagram account to share client testimonials, tell her followers about herself and her vision in the dental industry, and celebrate her team. She has regular engagement with regular and new clients through social media platforms and her website.

Dr, Syed, managed by the team at Skyfall Blue
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