Five Simple Ways to Capture E-mail Leads

Five Simple Ways to Capture E-mail Leads

Five Simple Ways to Capture E-mail Leads 

To make sure that you don’t scare off your potential clients in the same way, the Skyfall Blue team has put together some of our favourite simple and effective tips for capturing new e-mail leads.  

We’ve all been there – you land on a webpage, only to be bombarded by pop-ups and aggressive call-to-action buttons. We’re hoping to convince you to share your e-mail address right off the bat. While some of us might provide our information if we feel that a company shares value with us. The majority of us become immediately turned off by being relentlessly pursued, and often end up exiting the site before we’ve had a chance to look around.

  1. Offer value to your visitors

While this might seem like a no brainer, it is one that too many businesses forget. Visitors are always landing on your site in hopes of gaining information or knowledge from you. If you are asking for somebody’s e-mail address, consider providing them with a discount, the chance to be part of a prize draw, free content, or early access to a new product in your call to action to sweeten the deal. Your willingness to share will facilitate theirs. 

  1. Avoid overwhelming your audience

Flashing, full-page aggressive pop ups are not enjoyable for anybody to experience. If you plan to employ pop-ups for your CTAs, opt for a small, sliding pop-up on the side of your screen to avoid disrupting your visitor’s experience.

  1. Don’t place your Call to Action’s on your homepage

Wait until your visitor has clicked through to a second or third page before asking them to share their information. By waiting until you have captured their attention before requesting anything from them, you will simultaneously be attracting more qualified leads and avoiding putting them off. 

  1. Offer content upgrades

As we mentioned earlier, sharing value is your greatest lead generation asset. If you have a targeted idea about what type of content most of your visitors are searching for, consider hiding that content behind a call to action. Your audience will feel at ease sharing their e-mail addresses knowing that you’ve put the time and effort into creating niche content for them. 

  1. Use exit pop ups

Exit pop ups are an extremely handy lead generation tool in two ways. First, they’re a great way to measure if audiences are responding to your site’s content. If you’ve effectively maintained people’s interest during their browsing session, they’ll feel compelled to share their information through an exit pop-up’s call to action. Secondly, they avoid overwhelming your visitors by patiently waiting until they’ve finished doing what they wanted to do on your site before asking anything of them.  

Wondering how to optimize your site in order to collect more qualified e-mail leads for your business? Contact our team at Skyfall Blue now to learn about how our web development team can get you the results you need. 

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