How to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio

How to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio

They might not seem like much, but an Instagram Bio will make a visitor to your profile form an opinion of you in mere seconds! You want to start your business relationship off on the best foot and that means making a strong first impression. A cleverly written and well thought out Instagram bio will help you do just that. Here are some of our top Skyfall Blue tips to help you create an impactful Instagram bio that will boost your followers and your business: 


What is an Instagram Bio? 

Your Instagram Bio is the piece of text that accompanies your profile image at the top of your Instagram feed. Your bio should succinctly explain what your business does in 150 characters or less, so making the best use of that character count is very important! You want to intrigue and appeal to potential clients just enough for them to hit that Follow button.  


Where should I start? 

The first and most important part of your bio is your name. This may seem obvious, but you want anyone searching for you on Instagram to be able to find you immediately. Your name and username are the only pieces of information Instagram takes into account in search queries, so it’s of the utmost importance that they are consistent with your brand and social media presence! They should match your other social media handles if possible, so followers know they are getting the real deal.  


Writing your Instagram Bio 

On to the bio! You need to explain the heart of your business by choosing phrases and keywords that will resonate with your followers. These keywords won’t be searchable, but they will accurately explain what your account is all about and what type of content potential followers can expect from you. A great starting point is to think about your target market and what kind of wording will appeal most to them and align with their interests. Think about your business’ core values and what type of follower you want to attract.  


Adding links 

Currently Instagram only allows you to have one clickable link in your bio at a time. You will likely want this link to direct followers to your website or blog. However, if you are an e-commerce store, you may want to link to a specific product. You are able to change your bio link whenever you like, or you can use a tool like Later’s Linkin.bio, which gives you the opportunity to link to multiple websites or pages.  


Get creative 

Instagram isn’t a formal platform like LinkedIn or Facebook. Have fun and get creative with your bio! You might want to break up the text with some emojis to make it easier to read. Emojis are a great way to highlight your personality or your services. Instagram is an image-focused platform so keeping things as visual as possible works! 


Create a personalized hashtag 

To really boost your Instagram account, you should have a branded hashtag that followers can use when posting about your product. A customized hashtag will drive engagement on your posts and help to create a buzz around your brand.  


Provide important information 

Make sure you are providing important information about your company that will allow followers to get in touch with you. This could be an email address, store location, business hours, or phone number. If you are drawing people to your profile, you need to make sure that they have the information required to easily get a hold of you! 



  • Be concise – you only have 150 characters, so make them count! 
  • Get your name right so people searching for you can easily find you. 
  • Be creative and show your personality. You want your followers to get a good idea of what your brand is about. 
  • Find your niche and appeal to your target audience with specific keywords. 
  • Create a hashtag to boost your visibility. 
  • Help followers get in touch be providing important information. 



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