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5 Ways to Be Social on Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way of business development and marketing, yet sometimes brands forget what social media is truly about — being social. To turn consumers into actual customers, your brand needs to stand out above and beyond the others. It’s true that social media marketing offers an easy way to create ads and become visible to thousands of people, but this doesn’t mean these people will become your customers. There are thousands of businesses that advertise on social media, but many of them are doing it the wrong way. Use these Skyfall Blue tried and true tips to be THE brand that consumers choose to pay attention to.


1) Create a Persona

The importance of having a persona behind your brand is crucial. People need to recognize who you are, the service or product that you supply, and why they should become your costumers. Your persona should be consistent throughout your website and across all your social media platforms ̶  this includes your profile picture, logo, and any general images and content being shared.

After determining the persona of your brand, you need to make yourself stand out. Inform yourself about your competition and highlight your expertise and why these qualities make you more desirable than your competitors. A good persona will allow you greater credibility, recognition in prestige, higher perceived value, and attraction of your desired customer base.


2) Know your target audience

In order to create a marketing objective and set goals, you need to identify who your target audience. After determining your ideal audience, your brand can target their online marketing accordingly. Analytical tools can help you determine the demographics and media usage of your audience. These tools can also tell you how well your current online marketing strategies are working, allowing you to generate a strategy for improvement.


3) Create dynamic and customer-centric content

After establishing your audience, you then need to focus on turning consumers into customers. To interest them and make your service or product worth their time and consideration, you brand has to be alive and active online. How? Offer creative and dynamic content personalized to the desired audience. The content you decide to publish will make or break your brand, so excellent quality is crucial. Content creates a unique experience to your customers, appealing directly to their interests, preferences and needs. Creative content also allows you to engage in meaningful conversations with your audience. Aim to make whatever you post, shareable and conversational. A great way to spark intrigue and induce engagement on social media is through a call-to-action post, asking for specific engagement such as requesting opinions, streaming live videos, or coordinating giveaways. Read our blog post on how to improve your content marketing efforts for more information.


4) Monitor mentions of your name and reply quickly

Being alive and active doesn’t just mean putting out content that sparks engagement, but also involves engaging with your potential clients. Being an approachable and ‘human’ brand allows people to feel more comfortable conversing with you and creates a feeling of trust. It is important to be aware of all mentions, comments and conversations about you on all social platforms and react to these. If there is no conversation about your brand, it is important to start one. The Internet offers endless social platforms and forums that go beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Find the platform that best suits your brand and allows you to reach your target audience.


5) Make use of Influencers

People tend to want what other people have, especially if these people are of importance and relevance. Influencer marketing is the ideal way to brand in a disguised manner. This type of advertisement can at times target more people than any ad on Facebook would, by taking advantage of an influencer’s large and dedicated following. Choose an influencer whose online persona aligns with your brand and the message you are trying to convey.


Want to curate a powerful brand persona that appeals to your customers? Unsure of where to find your target audience online? Need help creating meaningful and imaginative content? We can help. Give Skyfall Blue a call today!


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