10 Rules of Social Media Marketing

Of a world population of 7.2 billion, 2.1 billion people are active on social media. By now, businesses know they need to be active on social media in some form to both retain customers and grow their business. But how do you use social media to strategically reach your online audience (without losing your message)?

Here are a few best-practice rules for increasing the power of your social media marketing:

  1. Listen

Listening is the first—and most important—rule of social media marketing. Keeping an ear on what your audience is consuming (i.e., reading, liking, sharing) will help you craft promotional messaging that’s relevant.

  1. Follow Strategic Goals

Delving into social media without a strategy or goals is much like driving a car with loose steering. Planning social media campaigns and key promotional items in advance helps you avoid posting content that drives no action.

  1. Add Value

The best content not only provides information but adds value to your audience. Share solutions to common problems through your products or services, or add value through cost savings offers.

  1. Be Patient

As they often say, Rome wasn’t built in a day (and the same goes for your social media platform). Strong social networks take time, energy and effort to grow—not to mention testing content to see what works best with your audience.

  1. Produce Quality, Not Quantity

Often businesses get caught up in the social media numbers game, instead of focusing on creating and sharing quality content. Posting better content less frequently will get you much farther than posting more content simply for the sake of posting.

  1. Find Influencers

Savvy social media marketers know that the key to strategic (and quick) social media growth is to find and network with key influencers. When those influencers endorse and share your business or posts with their own network, you can significantly increase your sphere of influence.

  1. Encourage Engagement

Don’t be afraid to turn the tables, and ask your audience to share their own feedback. Not only will it help with your brand awareness and engagement, but it also can help you improve your products or services.

  1. Post Consistently

It quickly becomes obvious when your account becomes dormant, which can also lose you followers. Have backup content ready or scheduled to auto-post if needed to keep your account fresh.

  1. Have a Personality

Just as with personal social media accounts, people expect business social media accounts to have a personality. Avoid losing followers by injecting some fun, wit and humor into each post.

  1. Share Other Content

Many businesses falsely believe that sharing other content waters down their own promotional messaging. However, sharing content still provides value to your audience, and often people will reciprocate by sharing your own content in the future.


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