Quick Tips to Sell More Products on Your Website

You perfect your product offerings, stock up on supplies and launch an awesome corporate website…and then nothing happens. Why aren’t your products flying off the shelves? We’ve all experienced a sales slump, whether it’s after launching a new product or even after establishing your product and brand identity.

Whatever you do, don’t give up hope: You still have some options to boost your online sales. Here’s a cheat sheet for simple ways to sell more products on your website:

Use more visuals:

Strong copy and product descriptions are definitely important, but savvy marketers are finding people respond better to visuals (the use of visual information has increased 9900% on the internet since 2007). Consider creating more product videos, tutorials or infographics to enhance interest in your products.

Include testimonials:

Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the strongest influences on sales. Make sure to include customer testimonials, and look into incorporating a reviews section on your website.

Provide an offer or incentive:

Offer a time-sensitive discount or free giveaway with purchase to entice online customers. Look into using a daily deal website (such as Groupon or Living Social) to reach new customers and generate interest.

Consider new promotional channels:

Are you actively promoting your products on social media and in email promotions? Have you looked into online advertising or re-targeting (using online ‘cookies’ to advertise to those who visit your website)? These are all great ways to keep in touch with your customer base and spread the word about your products. You can also find brand ambassadors who love your product, and consider offering them a commission or gift for endorsing your product to their online friends.

Expand your sales channels:

If you’re still struggling to make sales directly from your website, you might want to use third-party ecommerce websites such as Amazon, Google Shopping, or Ebay to offer your products. Some of these sites require you to give them a cut of your sales for access to their customer database, but loyal customers will still be able to discover your website.

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