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How to Choose the Right Web Development Language for your Mobile App

App development can be a lot more complex than it seems on the surface. We’ve all heard stories about apps being developed in college dorms that become hugely popular—so, how hard could it be to put one together? The answer: Much harder than you think.

If you’re considering creating a mobile app, one of the first—and most important—things you’ll need to consider is which development language to use. Different operating systems use different programming languages (which means you’ll also need to know how and where you want your app to be used).

Do you want to launch your app on the Apple iOS platform?

Or, do you think you’ll have less competition premiering your app through the Google Android system?

Is your Mobile App for fun or for business?

Each of these factors plays into which development language you’ll need to use.

To build an app, you’ll need someone well-versed in all the most current programming languages. Here are some of the most common web development languages for mobile apps:

  • Java: Java works well with the Google Android system, so this is a language you might consider for a Google app or Android phone.
  • Javascript: This is one of the most common programming languages because of its simplicity and ease of use. This script is often used in web browsing.
  • C#: This programming language is the default for Windows-based apps, so it would be a great language for an app through a Windows Phone.
  • Swift: This is a newer language written specifically for the Apple iOS and OS X systems. This language creates fast and simple apps.
  • Objective-C: This language is written for software exclusive to the Apple iOS systems, so this might me a language to use for an iPhone or iPad app.
  • PHP: This language is good for database software and management, a popular option for both business and commerce apps.

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