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10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Development Company

Looking for Hiring a Website Development Company?

Creating or updating your website design can be a hefty investment. You’ll want to be completely sure you’re choosing the right company for the job—and, if you want to hire the right vendor, you’ll need to ask the right questions.

Here are just a few of the most important questions to ask in your quest for the right website design partner:

  1. What do you specialize in?

A lot of companies offer website design, but what other key area(s) are your potential vendors proficient in (graphic design, SEO, advertising, etc.)? These strengths can be incorporated in your new website, or may come in handy with promotion after your site launches.

  1. What are all the services you provide?

Similar to knowing areas vendors see as strengths, it’s good to know every service firms offer. If you’re happy with the design process, you may choose to involve a firm in your other projects.

  1. What successes have you seen in your previous web design work?

Good web design firms will have a portfolio of previous website work that they can show, and be able to speak to how their website work helped their clients (i.e., attract increased business).

  1. What’s included and what will cost extra?

You’ll need to know the website cost up front, and everything that cost covers. Make sure to ask whether the rate is hourly or per project, and what the cost will be if the project requires additional work than estimated.

  1. How long will the project take?

Ask vendors to be honest about the length of your requested project. Depending on your deadline, this estimate itself may weed out some potential vendors.

  1. What maintenance services do you provide?

A lot of people consider what goes into making a website, but don’t plan on how they will maintain the site after it launches (or fix potential breaks). Ask your vendor if they include minor fixes, or if there’s a maintenance fee.

  1. What is your process for website updates?

In the future, you’ll need to update graphics and design that may require extra coding. Inquire what a firm’s policy is on this topic.

  1. Will my site be mobile optimized?

Mobile-optimized and mobile-friendly websites have become necessary with website design.

  1. How will the site be hosted?

Ask where and how your website will be hosted securely. Will it be hosted in-house or through a third party? Will they back up your files?

  1. What do you need from me?

Many people believe that the website design process starts and ends with a design vendor, but the success of a website depends heavily on the involvement of you as a client. A design firm may ask that you complete website assessment forms or undergo branding activities in order to better understand your organization and goals.


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