How to Choose a Web Design Company

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to build a website and never have to update it again? Unfortunately, with the rapid pace of changes in web design, SEO, and marketing, websites simply can’t stay stagnant. As a general rule of thumb, websites should be refreshed about once every two years.

Websites take a great amount of time, money and energy to build (or refresh), but they’re necessary for your business to be successful. If you need to create a website, or refresh an existing one, you’ll want to choose a savvy web design company that not only understands your needs, but adds value to your website. Searching for the right fit isn’t easy, but it may be the difference between a small website refresh and a total—expensive—website overhaul.onlinepr


Here are a few things to remember when looking for a web design company:

Aesthetics aren’t everything

A good web designer can build a website that’s not only attractive, but functional. These designers will ask the right questions, such as

  • what your business objectives are,
  • what you hope to achieve with a new website design.

For example, maybe your current website isn’t getting the page rankings you want, or you’d like to generate more leads. The right website design partner can address these needs, or evaluate your existing website to suggest alternatives based on best practices. Your website designer might discover ways to de-clutter your pages for better SEO or suggest a way to obtain more leads by making a lead form or your contact information more prominent on a page.

That’s not to say aesthetics aren’t important.

A website design that is clean, simple, and pleasing to the eye will keep a visitor on your page, and may help convert a visitor into a lead. Website design can quickly become outdated based on design trends and changes in electronic devices. A good web developemnt partner will stay current on design trends and be able to suggest a design that seamlessly integrates with your branding. Be sure to review a web designer’s sample work to see if you like the look of their previous projects.

Your website should be mobile-friendly if possible,

Make sure your vendor is able to support mobile or responsive web design. More people are using mobile devices to conveniently access and browse websites, with some people only using their mobile devices to shop online. Recent estimates show 13 percent of people accessing retail sites only use mobile devices to shop on those sites. Ask your web designer what your options are for mobile-friendly options, such as responsive website design (websites built to work with all sizes of screens).


There’s plenty to evaluate when it comes to choosing the right web design company. Whatever your web design needs, SKYFALL BLUE can help you with your search for the right web development partner.

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